Star Lore

"Official chief-poet Am I to Elphin, And my original country Is the region of the Summer Stars" Taliesin trans. Lady Charlotte Guest

For Druids the skies are an open book where the stories of the ancestors are written in cosmic clarity each night. Constellations rise and set, disappear for a season and return to mark the wheel of time. Look into the winter sky, and see the huge figure – the belt, the sword and the blue dog of Orion the Hunter, and know in your body what a giant feels like. On a clear night we are in a deep connection to the most ancient of human mysteries. The sky holds the gods and the goddesses who were driven into exile. And here we can know the animals who once were the spirit guides and teachers, as well as the sustenance, of those who lived before us.

As Druids we are able to access information about the past and future in the stars. The ability to journey to parallel worlds is always available to us when we know the stars as celestial travelers. Are we not often shown in robes watching the night sky from lonely towers or by ancient stone circles?  We gaze into the cauldron of the Moon lady, that place in the sky we call Caer Arianrhod. We know its starry pattern as the container of all that has happened and all that will ever occur. Here is the resting place between lives, and the source of Annwn. We watch the Moon, the loving luminary who guides our day-to-day experience in her cycles, so that we grow in wisdom and understanding. Like our ancestors we make marks upon the windowsill or the garden gate to track the Sun in his journey, to know our possibilities and limitations. And like Taliesin we know we are made of, and come from, the stars.

Sarah Fuhro 

The Round Table was constructed…upon the advice of Merlin.  By its name the Round Table is meant to signify the round world and round canopy of the planets and the elements in the firmament, where are to be seen the stars and many other things.
La Queste del Saint Graal quoted by Katherine Maltwood, A Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars, 1929