Earth Mysteries

Druids believe that all the Earth is sacred. They love the land and revere the Spirit of Place.

It is all sacred. Every hill and every valley.
Owen M.Edwards

They also believe that there are mysteries in the landscape – that ancient sites use the powers of stone and mounded earth, of sacred well and healing spring, to channel energy from within the land and from the sun, moon and stars; and that we can attune ourselves to the rhythm of the Earth and the energy that flows, like dragon-lines of force, from sacred site to sacred site.

Many Druids work to develop their sensitivity to Earth and water currents, working as dowsers, or exploring the ways in which different places seem to offer different gifts: some bringing feelings of great peace, others energising and waking us up, others encouraging us to heal or to sleep.

Druids are often interested in the concepts of ley-lines, earth chakras and landscape temples, and while some pursue these interests in combination with the practice of geomancy, others are more interested in the historical, folkoric and archaeological dimensions of sacred sites, or in those features that are susceptible to scientific investigation. These include the exploration of the electro-magnetic, ultrasound or acoustic properties of sites.

However we are drawn to an appreciation of Earth Mysteries, Druids believe that walking the old tracks or hiking across the land can bring benefits that are spiritual as well as physical. A love of the land can invigorate and heal our souls as well as our bodies.