Pilgrimage, Sacred Sites & Ley Lines in Druidry

"Imagine a fairy chain stretched from mountain peak to mountain peak, as far as the eye could reach..." Alfred Watkins, The Old Straight Track

Every religious and spiritual tradition has its places of pilgrimage – sacred sites that are either natural landscape features of great beauty or structures built for devotion. And the routes to these places can also hold great significance. Many in the Druid community believe these routes are related to ley-lines – the old tracks created by our ancestors.

All of the Earth is sacred to Druids, but certain places seem to emanate a mystical power or generate feelings conducive to well-being and spiritual uplifment. Since humans have populated the Earth, they have made journeys to these sacred places: to seek healing, to find enlightenment, to feel closer to the Divine.

In Druidry we visit and honour our local sacred sites, we make our own sacred places too, and we study ley-lines and ancient trackways, and the history, mythology and folklore of these places.

In the Library on this site there are articles on various sacred sites to give you a sense of the breadth of the subject and the ways in which it can be approached.

The British Pilgrimage Trust is an excellent resource for pilgrimage in Britain. Hear its founders Guy Hayward and Will Parsons talking and singing about pilgrimage on Druidcast here: