Alchemical Constellations, Energy Medicine, & Contemporary Magic Retreat | 04/03/2024

Alchemical Constellations, Energy Medicine, & Contemporary Magic Retreat

Held on the grounds of the St. Ottilien Archabbey, a Benedictine monastery in Eresing, west of Munich, Germany

04/03/2024 - 08/03/2024

Grow your inner wisdom, release the effects of inherited family trauma, and embody rhythmic flow in this 5-day deep-dive Seeing with Your Heart residential retreat. Led by an internationally renowned training faculty, we call together a diverse circle of consciousness evolutionaries prepared to free themselves from inherited entanglements patterns, soul restrictions, and hidden family dynamics. With Emily Blefeld, Dan Cohen, Antonia Stessl, Rotger Heilmeier and Lisa Murphy.

Spiral triskelion (formed from mathematical Archimedean spirals), occasionally used as a Christian Trinitarian symbol
Connect with the Heartbeat of the Earth and the Eye of the Universe!

In the images of our dreams, in our intrusive thoughts, in the darkest places in our hearts live the parts of us that cannot find peace or truly come to rest. Through Alchemical Family Constellations, Soul Constellations, and Sacred Sound Healing facilitated by Dan Cohen, Emily Blefeld, Lisa Murphy, Antonia Stessl, and Rotger Heilmeier the terrible fates that befell and were carried out by our fathers and mothers, grandparents, and older generations will be revealed and given their proper acknowledgement. When we honor our ancestors’ losses and see ourselves through their eyes, their pain in our bodies alchemizes into healing love.

The five facilitators for this retreat have refined embodied processes of sacred sound healing, oral transmission, alchemy, the Knowing Field, and shamanic journeying to empower you to use your body as brilliant sensing instruments of infinite wisdom. As you attune to these frequencies of non-local consciousness, you receive insights and realizations that are specific to your life and soul’s purpose. Receiving these resources will shift your perspective, open your capacity for self-expression, and enhance your vibrancy and well-being.

Answering the call to be in this circle, at this time, in this place, with these participants and facilitators, will nourish your soul, expand your heart, and shift the trajectory of your life. When you come, you bring with you all the prior footsteps in your life’s journey, your entire family history with nothing excluded and no one left out, your cultural values, and core beliefs.

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