Celebrating Beltane with the Spirit of Hawthorn | 09/05/2020

Celebrating Beltane with the Spirit of Hawthorn

Jo's Apothecary, near Petersfield.


A one day retreat with Adrian Rooke & Jo Dunbar.

Celebrate Early Summer

In every aspect, Hawthorn is the tree of the heart. Across the British Isles, traditionally she represents Beltane, the time of year when the Gods and the Goddesses of Nature come together for the Greenwood marriage, bringing fertility to the land.
She is a tree of pinky-white bridal petals and thorns, and she is a boundary tree. On this day retreat, we use the Hawthorn tree as a metaphor as we honour our heart wounds, explore the silver linings of the scars, and if necessary, acknowledge those aspects of our heart which keep the boundaries up, and others out. We also use peaceful, joyful ritual to heal our hearts, and send our heartfelt wishes out into the winds.
Cost: £85.00 per person
To book: Please email Jo info@botanicamedica.co.uk.