Celebrating Imbolc with the Spirit of Birch | 25/01/2020

Celebrating Imbolc with the Spirit of Birch

Jo's Apothecary, near Petersfield


Day Retreat with Adrian Rooke & Jo Dunbar.

The Lady of the Woods

 We begin our journey with Birch, the Lady of the Woods. According to the Celtic tree calendar, Birch is the tree of January, and has traditionally been used magically to sweep out old stagnant energies, and draw towards ourselves a fresh new start. In the depths of winter, her life force descends into the dark Earth, where she reconnects with her Source. She takes time over the winter to nourish and replenish her life force, preparing for the spring, when she vigorously responds to the irresistible urge to grow and expand. In the winter months, we too can withdraw from the outer world for a little while and reconnect with our life purpose. Our retreat will focus on shedding and sweeping away that which is outworn, and incubating new plans for the spring surge of energy. Our goal is to manifest our life’s purpose.
Cost: £85.00 per person. To book: Please email Jo info@botanicamedica.co.uk