Celebrating Samhain with the Spirit of Yew | 17/10/2020

Celebrating Samhain with the Spirit of Yew

Jo’s Apothecary, near Petersfield


A day workshop with Adrian Rooke & Jo Dunbar.

The Yew Tree Never Dies...

The Yew tree never dies. With the passage of decades, its lateral branches drop, eventually touching the earth, where they root, and as the old mother tree decomposes, the new trees form a grove around her. And, so it is that the tree can actually live forever. Having said that, there are living individual trees which are estimated to be up to 8000 years old. (They were already 6000 years old when the Romans trod these lands). Our ancestors had enormous regard for the Yew tree, which they saw as the route to communing with their ancestors, as well as the protector of souls.
October is the month of Samhain, the celebration of our ancestors, and those on the other side. On this retreat, we honour the great struggles of our own ancestors, and how they worked and fought to stay alive, and in doing so, to bring us life and the comforts of our modern world. We reflect on the fact that we are tomorrow’s ancestors, and we consider our contribution towards the world that we will leave those who follow us.
Cost: £85.00 per person
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