Celebrating Summer Solstice with the Spirit of Oak | 04/07/2020

Celebrating Summer Solstice with the Spirit of Oak

Jo’s apothecary, near Petersfield


A day workshop with Adrian Rooke & Jo Dunbar

Connect with the Power of Oak

On this retreat day, we connect with the huge power of the Oak. The ancient Celtic word for Oak is Duir, which means ‘Door’, and they saw the spirit of the tree as opening a doorway to another world, or level of existence. They turned to the strength and power of the Oak for the courage, protection and determination needed to embrace new possibilities.
The Blasted Oak represents The Tower in the Tarot. When lightning strikes the Mighty Oak, its proud crown explodes and the imagery represents those times in our lives when our world is blown apart.
This workshop explores how The Blasted Oak affects our lives and how we can use The Mighty Oak to move through the doorway from a life torn apart to one regenerated with fresh growth.
Cost: £85.00 per person. For further information and to book click on the website link.