Into The Dark | 01/11/2022

Into The Dark


3 circles: November 1 (Samhuinn) - December 29 (Rough Nights) - February 1 (Imbolc) This three-sessions offer is one that accompanies you into the Darkness, the North, into the Slow Part of the year. It starts with a session on Samhuinn on November 1, goes further to a meeting in the 12 Nights of Christmas, which in Bavaria and Austria are called the „Rough Nights“ or the „Lots Nights“, around the time of the Winter Solstice, Alban Arthuan, to the time of the Reappearing Sun on Imbolc on February 1. The offer is part of my Connecting to Earth offer that has circles on all the Solstices, the Equinoxes and the Cross-Quarter-Days, for us to learn better again our connection to the Earth and the times of the year. the end I want to feel the times of the year in my veins...

3 circles: November 1 (Samhuinn) – December 29 (Rough Nights) – February 1 (Imbolc)


Antonia and I have special offers in 2023 on Summer Solstice with our workshop in Mount Shasta in Calfornia, USA and on Autumn Equinox with our workshop in Glastonbury, UK. Whoever intends to come to one of those gatherings can also come to the Into the Darkness workshops to already start the movement towards there now, to align her or his intentions towards summer and fall, in this time of the year when the seeds seem to be asleep but are not.

Let us go into the Darkness with a clear intention and conviction to do so, to find ourselves there, to know who we are in the Darkness, to see the part of us connected to the North. Let us live that part of the year with all our consciousness towards what it offers to us in its stillness.

In these online sessions I intend to do:

~ collective constellations to explore the Darkness, the qualities of the North, and the spirit of Samhuinn, the Rough Nights and of Imbolc.

~ experimental, playful fieldwork with the influence of the three realms systemic constellations, shamanism, and homeopathy, that are all connected to the field work, connecting deeper with the earth, and the spirit nature of the pagan holidays.

~ if you have an issue for a constellation, that has a connection to this time of the year, please let me know. I might also give a non-extensive, brief constellation to a participant who cannot afford a constellation to the common price in these sessions, to celebrate the date.

~ I have also learned that the “simple” being part of the group, being in circle, the standing in the field with fellow representatives, who look in the same direction can make a change for us.

Circles are from 6pm-7.45pm CET (Berlin) on:

  • November 1

  • December 29 and

  • February 1

Participation fee: € 19.- per circle or € 49.- for all three of them.
You can send me the fee via PayPal.Me/rotgerheilmeier, or, if that does not work for you, via the eventbrite site here.