’Special Summer Gathering 2020 - Postponed’  | 06/06/2020

’Special Summer Gathering 2020 - Postponed’


Dear Member ~ We are incredibly sorry to announce that as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to postpone the June celebrations in Glastonbury until the same time next year (5-6 June 2021 - subject to confirmation of these dates from the venues)...

We know that many people have made travel arrangements and have booked accommodation, and we sincerely hope that this announcement gives you sufficient notice to cancel or re-schedule these arrangements.

Philip will still hand over the role of Chosen Chief to Eimear as planned on June 5th this year, but the ceremony of confirmation of this act, and the resulting celebrations, the Mount Haemus Conference and the Fringe Festival, will all take place in 2021.

OBOD Gatherings at Glastonbury are always warm, social events with lots of hugging and with hundreds of us sitting and interacting together through the day and each evening. It now seems that the maximum impact of the virus will occur in Britain in May & June, and with increasing travel restrictions and enforced closures of events, and even geographical regions, it would be irresponsible of us to place our members at risk, either from becoming ill or from being unable to return home (over 19 countries were represented at the last big gathering in 2014).

We all want this event to be a celebration and not something of concern to all. None of us could have imagined the current global situation, but now it has arisen, let’s focus on staying well and on making the 2021 celebrations the best we possibly can.

If you would like us to transfer your ticket/s to the re-scheduled event next year, you don’t need to do anything. We will hold your reservation and not change the ticket price.

If you would like us to refund the amount you paid us for your ticket now, please let us know. Please note that if you choose this option and then re-book later, we cannot guarantee the same ticket price (since costs may well have varied for us unfortunately!)

Once again, we’re so sorry we’ve had to take this decision, but time passes quickly and we look forward to seeing you next year. In the meanwhile, stay well, stay safe!

Warm wishes and many blessings,