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If you like gathering together for friendship, support and exchange, the Order and its members have created a whole range of ways to fulfil these aims - there are seed-groups and groves, facebook groups, a lively message board with public and private forums, weekly live videocasts, a monthly podcast, camps, and other gatherings.

Many members join the Order and follow the course without ever meeting other members – either because they prefer to be solitary (sometimes calling themselves ‘hedge-druids’) or because they are geographically far away from other members. Members often say that they are not usually the ‘joining type’ but still feel drawn to join the Order. Others like gathering together for friendship, support and exchange, and the Order and its members have created a whole range of ways to fulfil these aims: virtually in The Druid Hearth on this website (with a wide range of community features), and physically in Seed Groups and Groves, camps and gatherings, retreats and assemblies.

The Druid Hearth contains a wealth of interactive features to help you with your training as well as keep you engaged in the OBOD community.
Celebrancy! What a rewarding experience it can be to guide new parents through the ceremony of naming their baby, or to walk alongside a couple in love as they vow to fasten their hands in marriage.
One of the goals of the contemporary Druid is to help bring peace into the world. Mediators work specifically in the field of helping to resolve conflicts between people, and hence bring about more peace, and for this reason mediation offers an ideal role or vocation for a Druid.
Druid Spirituality isn’t just about improving your own life: it’s about making a difference to the world too, it’s about becoming environmentally responsible.
"The grove is the centre of their whole religion" Tacitus
Thanks to the generosity of the Order’s Patroness, postgraduate students of Druidism may be eligible for the Dwina Gibb award: a scholarship of £1,000 to postgraduate students who are pursuing a Phd on the subject of Druidry. Applicants should be already accepted by their university
Thanks to the generosity of the Order's patroness, Dwina Murphy-Gibb, the Order grants a scholarship each year for original research in Druidism and related subjects. We have called this scholarship the Mount Haemus Award, after the apocryphal Druid grove of Mt Haemus that was said to have been established near
There are over 300 Seed Groups and Groves of the Order around the world. Any member may start a Seed Group, which in time may grow to become a Grove.