A Gorsedd is an open Drudic ritual gathering. All are invited, no matter what tradition, to gather together at a sacred site to celebrate the turning of the season with ceremony, rites of passage, and open Eisteddfodau (Bardic performances). So bring flowers of the season, story, song and musical instruments. All the family are usually welcome. All that is asked is that you come with an open mind, and an open heart.
Spiral triskelion (formed from mathematical Archimedean spirals), occasionally used as a Christian Trinitarian symbol

The Anderida Gorsedd – Long Man of Wilmington, Sussex

The Anderida Gorsedd are a Druid group that hold regular open rituals, camps and moots in Sussex. The open rituals began on the Spring Equinox 2000, the dream of Druids Damh the Bard and Cerri Lee to revive the regular celebrations of the old Pagan festivals in the sacred landscape of Sussex. On that cold day 7 people braved the weather for a walk up the hill to the Long Man, and there the Gorsedd was proclaimed. By Beltane six weeks later word had spread throughout the Pagan community, and 40 people joined together to celebrate the Rites of Spring. Since then the Gorsedd open rituals have been held for every fire festival, equinox and solstice, rain or shine, and it is this reliability and consistency that have been the root of its success. Now anywhere between 60 and 120 people gather under the Long Man to honour the turning tides of the Wheel of the Year, sharing laughter, tears, song and story.


The Grove of Mona

The Grove of Mona is the open Gorsedd of the Anglesey Druid Order. They hold open celebrations, workshops, Gorseddau and retreats at their centre on the Isle of Anglesey. Further details and information can be obtained by emailing angleseydruids@hotmail.com

Stanton Drew Gatherings – Stanton Drew Stone Circle, Somerset

The OBOD Dobunni Grove hold a open ritual within these sacred stones in Somerset every Fire Festival – a colourful ceremony that welcomes interested pagans as well as their families, children and non-pagan friends. Always held on a Saturday morning close to a festival. Email ninahare@yahoo.com