Groves in the USA and Canada

The three tasks of a Druid: To live fully in the present; To honour tradition and the ancestors; To hear the voice of tomorrow. Contemporary Triad

Not all OBOD Groves wish to be listed on a public site, but those that do can be found here, with links to their websites and email contacts. For more groups in the USA and Canada see the Seed Groups page.


Chinook Hills Grove,  Calgary, Alberta  c/o Amethyst and Jayne   email   website

United States


Grove of Mananan Mac Lir,  c/o Rodney Karr, San Francisco   email   website

The Grove of Mananan Mac Lir have over 20 members and meet in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Star and Stone Druid Fellowship (Grove),  c/o Elizabeth, Southern California,     email


Crann Na Cailli Druid Grove, P.O.Box 23, Kersey, Colorado 80644, C/O Patrick and Annette Archambeau website  email  tel

Crann Na Cailli  (Tree of the Cailleach) Druid Grove is based just outside of Greeley Colorado with a beautiful view of the front range of the Rocky Mountains. We are a garden oasis on a private acre with over 45 trees. Celebrating the 8 seasonal ceremonies and more at our incredible stone circle. We have worldwide membership so all ceremonies are also held on Zoom. We welcome anyone who identifies as a Druid from any order or solitary. Contact us to set up an introduction.

The Treehenge Druidic Circle Grove,  Fort Collins,  c/o Themon the Bard   email   website

Flame and Well (Dóiteán agus Uisce) Druidic Circle, Denver area, c/o Mark email  website

Founded on the summer solstice of 2015, the Flame and Well is an active, dynamic grove, serving members and visitors in the “front range” of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, from Denver to Boulder and surrounding areas. We celebrate the eight festivals of the year in beautiful public parks and outside at members’ homes, come sun or snow. We enjoy going deep in ritual, following the OBOD opening and closing while enhancing the central rite with participation in the myths and traditions from our studies. In between ceremonies, we hold moots for social gatherings and bardic practice. We also put on a few other events each year. Visitors are welcome to participate in some ceremonies and most moots; see our website for more details.



Highland Oak Nemeton,  c/o Art and Selene, Baton Rouge   email   website
“In recent years, the Grove has experienced a measurable growth due at least in part to the advent of the OBOD message board, synergy with the local Unitarian Universalist Church (which several of our members attend), a listing on Witchvox, and word of mouth. Druid grade members serve as community elders and facilitators without donning the mantle of ‘person in charge’. Currently we have approximately eight to twelve members who regularly attend meetings; three in the Druid Grade, one Ovate, and several Bards. There are sixty-seven subscribers to our Yahoo group, and over twenty subscribers to our Facebook site.”


Circle of Three trees,  c/o Tsiskwa and Oakheart, Columbia, Annapolis and Woodstock area      email   website


Mystic River Grove,  Boston  c/o Sarah Fuhro   email   website
Formed in 1992 the Boston Grove is one of the oldest Groves within OBOD. There are still five members from the original Seed Group still involved. They now have about thirty members plus some additional friends of the Grove who are not linked to OBOD but are valued members of the Grove.The Grove meets for each of the eight festivals of the year and always, no matter what the weather, hold their rituals out of doors in a wide variety of public and private lands. After the ritual and Eisteddfod they picnic or go to a local restaurant/pub to share a meal. They usually meet at 8 in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday closest to the holiday and also hold separate meetings  in member’s homes, between festivals to share information, for example sometimes this might be on medicinal herbs, or perhaps a  musical celebration. They are in the process of updating their web site and have set up a Facebook page open only to members of the Grove where they can post pictures and short messages.


Keepers of Dragon Knowledge,  Ann Arbor/Toledo area  c/o Barb   email

Silver Branch Grove,  c/o Catherine and James   email   Facebook   website



Shining Mountains Grove  Ronan, W Montana,   c/o Heather Roan   email

Formerly the Mountains of Bran-Beith seed group, now the Shining Mountains Grove of Western Montana, we gather for the 8 rituals near the Mission Mountains when the weather and health permits- and on Zoom otherwise, rotating between Ronan, Bigfork, and Missoula, with an occasional campout or online study group and eisteddfod. On our first meeting, raven circled overhead and left us a feather.  We support any interested in the OBOD path here in inland northwest USA


North Carolina

Awen’s Light Grove,  c/o Ken Webster, Raleigh   email 
The Grove was established at Alban Arthan in 2007 and most of their members are OBOD members, though membership is not required to attend meetings. They meet monthly in Raleigh, NC and discuss Druid spiritual growth, environmental concerns and drive actions to improve the ecological condition of their communities. They also nurture spiritual growth through Druid ritual to commemorate the turning of our lives and of the year. The goal of the Awen Light Grove is to: support the modern druid in his/her spiritual growth through the OBOD path; help make a difference by honoring our ecological values, and celebrating the Wheel of the Year through druid ceremony and ritual.


The Circle of the Six Fold Path,  c/o  Huathe Fearn, Wellston area   email   also Lynn Thompson   email

“The Circle of the Six-Fold Path is a Druid Grove that follows the Welsh Tradition, mixed with a little Irish and some Native American thrown in for good measure!  We are an open group and all are welcome.  All our ceremonies are open, including Samhuinn Camp, a yearly 2 day camp. Meetings and events are “kid-friendly”.  We are located just outside Oklahoma City.  All questions can be directed to Huathe or Lynn by email and you can find our group on Facebook.”


The Greenlake Grove, Seattle/Bellingham, Washington USA and online c/o Nicole Torres and Ruth Oskolkoff. Holds in-person celebrations, Full Moon Meditation for Peace (Virtual), and operates the Greenlake Hedge School. email website


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