Seed Groups in Europe

Three things it is everyone's duty to do:
Listen humbly;
Answer discreetly;
And judge kindly.
Irish Triad

Not all OBOD Seed Groups wish to be listed on a public site, but those that do can be found here, with links to their websites and email contacts. For more groups in Europe see the Groves in Europe page.


Copse of Oaks and Wolves,  c/o Gerald Birnbaumer (Coedwig) &Barbara Birnbaumer (Ilannha)    email
Lower Austria (Austria), near to Wiener Neustadt

Kobernauberwald Seed Group,  c/o Pamela and Michael,  Oberosterreich,  Bezirk Vocklabruck,  Gemeinde Pondorf   email


Circle of Oak and Ivy,  Ostende   c/o Kristof Denaghel Gael emeleer    email

Eburo Seed Group, c/o Nathalie Jost    email                                                                                                 The region between the Rhine and Maas rivers, where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet

The Crystal Dryad Grove seed group,  c/o Patricia Schotte, Waarschoot area   email

BerkenBlad, c/o Eli Beelen, Lommel.  email


Bohemia Seed Group ℅ Veronika Velehradska, Svihov, CZ email


Altitona Seed Group,  c/o Eber    email    website

La Clairière de la Source aux Fées Seed Group,  c/o Mary Dunn    email

Le chêne de Brigid Seed Group C/o Brianann, Selonnet area, email


Awenyddion Seed Group, Berlin area, C/o Inara, email tel

Bärenwald Seedgroup,  Berlin  c/o Bianca Carina   email   website   facebook   forum

Damasia Seed Group, Allgäu area, ℅ Benna Email  Website

Kandelwald – Gutach im Breisgau ( Near Freiburg), ℅ Sabrina Wöhrle Email Facebook

Die Lindwuermer Seed Group, Frankfurt am Main area  c/o  Serpentia    email    website

Noreia Seed Group, Bayern  c/o Petra Wolge   email   website   facebook




The Oak and the Moon Seed Group,  Athens   email    website

The Fellowship of the Oak Seed Group,  Athens  c/o Ilias   email  website


Doron Beth Seed Group,  Padova    email 

Hypericum obod seed group,  Southern Italy    email    facebook

Il Cerchio di Arth Seed Group,  North West Italy    email    website

Il Pozzo Sacro Seed Group,  Treppo Grande (UD)   email   facebook

La Piana Del Lupo Seed Group,  Ravenna-Emilia Romagna,  c/o Brigit   email

La Radura Di Brighit,  Northern Italy    email    website

La Tor – Sentiero Druidico,  North-East Italy    email    facebook

Luna Sorgente Seed Group,  Verona,  c/o Mirco & Alessandra  Mobile: +39 348 390 7027   email

Sikania Celtic Grove Seed Group,  Catania Sicily,  c/o Duirin   email  facebook

Silver Wolf Circle Seed Group,  Proavince of Piacenza in Emilia-Romagne    email


Druid circle DRAOI Seed Group, Northern Provinces of The Netherlands  c/o Peter van den Berg   email

Meadowsweet Seed Group Amsterdam ℅ Lynn Shore Email


Granskauen seedgroup

℅ Grete Swahn, Norway, Tvedestrand



Organization of Druids Seed Group, Ilawa / Olsztyn,  c/o Emrys Kosek   email   website   facebook

The Three Realms Seed Group,  Krakow, c/o Magdalena   email


Grove Keltoi Seed Group,  Barcelona,  c/o Morganna   email   facebook   website

Mount Abantos Seed Group,  San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Province of Madrid  c/o Maria   email   facebook

The Cave Among The Ivy (La Cueva Entre La Hiedra), Granada  c/o Luis   email   website


Circle of Yggdrasil Seedgroup, Southern Sweden  c/o  Natasja   email   facebook

Red Mountain Seed Group, Stockholm   c/o Simon raby   email   facebook

The Old Ways Seed Group, Fränsta, Sweden c/o Nadia L. Bond  email  facebook


Artio Seed Group, c/o Susanne   email   website


Tunnel Hollow Seed Group, Dnipro City area, c/o Petro N.   email tel website