Seed Groups in the USA & Canada

The three foundations of Spirituality:
Hearth as altar;
Work as worship;
And service as sacrament.
Irish Triad

Not all OBOD Seed Groups wish to be listed on a public site, but those that do can be found here, with links to their websites and email contacts.


Abhainn Gleann Seed Group,  Chilliwack, British Columbia  c/o Birch   email   website

Jack Pine Seed Group,  Ottawa, Ontario  c/o Nollaig   email   website

Lake Agassiz Seed Group,  Winnipeg, Manitoba  c/o Teresa   email   facebook

Sugar Maple Seed Group,  Fredericton,  New Brunswick, C/o Emily Donnelly   email   facebook

The Painted Turtle Seed Group,  Mississauga, Ontario  c/o Yvette   email

Twig and Torc Seed Group, Bryson, Quebec  c/o Penny Young   email   facebook   website

Urban Coyote OBOD Seed Group,  Oakville Ontario  c/o T. Ogilvie-McDonald   email



Ice Moon Grove Seed Group,  Anchorage  c/o Carol  email  facebook


Bran (Raven) Grove of Coachella Seed Group,  Palm Springs  c/o Stefen Burchard    email

Doire Bhrighid Seed Group,  San Francisco East Bay area  c/o Gary Jaron   email

Fellowship of Birch, Yew and Oak,  Inland Empire, Southern California  c/o Carol Hayward              email   website   facebook

Grove of the Wildwood Seed Group, Inland Empire, Southern California   c/o Kimberley                  email   website

House of Danu,  c/o James L. Bianchi, Esq   email

Llwyn Swynedig Seed Group,  c/o Brian y Tarw Llwyd   email

Mountain Hawk Seed Group,  Kern County Area  c/o Steve Quinn   email

Quercus Seed Group,  San Francisco East Bay Area  c/o Felicity Grove   email   website

Sacramento Grove of the Oak,  Sacramento CA,  c/o Michael R Gorman   email   facebook

San Diego Grove of Sacred Trails,  California  c/o David Shorey   email   facebook

Spirit of the Acorn Seed Group,  Central California  c/o Guadalupe Rodriguez   email

The Sycamore and Bear Seed Group,  Central Orange Co,  c/o Julia Andriessen   email   facebook


Moon Oak and Sickle Seed Group,  Denver,  c/o Jeremy Weaver   email

Sliabh Anam Druid Grove (seed group),  Durango,  c/o Steward Wood   email

The Apple Tree Seed Group,  Colorado Springs,  c/o Ryan Nelson   Email


Connecticut OBOD Seed Group,  c/o Lisa   email

Grove of the Ancient Willow Seed Group,  c/o Aaron,  New Milford area and also NY                      email   website

Seed Group of the Acorn Song,  Suffield,  c/o Gabrielle Roberts   email   facebook


Sacred Woods Seed Group,  Hernando County,  c/o Jim   email

The Grove of Awen Seed Group, (currently women only)  c/o Jamie,  Indian Rocks Beach   email  website  facebook


Whispers in the Wood Seed Group,  Grovetown area,  c/o Will Glenn   email   facebook

The Oak and Raven Seed group,  Trion area,  c/o Tyler and Sandra   email


Long Arm Seed Group,  Greater Chicago Area,   c/o Dan and Christina   email   facebook


Black Oak Seed Group,  c/o Erik Goodwyn   email

Wildwood Grove (seed group),  c/o Dean Stogdill,  Louisville area   email   website   facebook


Firedrake Seed Group, NW Baltimore County,  c/o Maggie Babb   email   website


The Awenyyd of Flame and Well,  c/o Alexandria,  Rochester Hills   email


Meadow Wood Seed Group,  Twin Cities,  c/o Ray Hayward   email


Nyfed Llys Don Seed Group,  Bay Saint Louis area,  c/o Christopher Crittenden   email


Heart of the Oak Seed Group,  St Louis, c/o Lynn   email   website


Mountains of Bran-Beithe Seed Group,  Ronan, W Montana,   c/o Roan   email


Tumbleweed Grove Seed Group,  Pahrump – an hour from Las Vegas,  c/o Lorraine Hammock   email   website

New Hampshire

Silent Heron Seed Group,  Lichfield NH,  c/o Fred Bower     email

New Jersey

Pine Barrens Seed Group,  Woodstown,  c/o Desiree Marie   email   website

New York

Bards of Eireann Seed Group,  Hudson Valley, NY,  c/o Haviland Nichols   email   facebook

Dancing Waters Seed Group,  Depew, NY,  c/o Jennifer Peterson   email

Three Rivers Grove (seed group),  Manhattan, NY, c/o Ken Webster   email   facebook

North Carolina

Sylvan Druid Hearth Seed Group,  Sylva, c/o Dean   email   website    

Tar River Druid Fellowship,  Greenville area   email   facebook

Waccamaw Raven Clan Seed Group,  Midland, c/o Dr Stefan Duncan  email   facebook


Roan River Seed Group,  c/o Mary, Hamilton area  email 


Cascadia Sunstone Seed Group,  Portland,  c/o Steve Cole   email   facebook


Hawk and Hemlock Seed Group,  Coopersburg  c/o Roger Arnold   email

Rhode Island

Ocean’s Mist Seed Group,  West Warwick,  c/o David P Smith   email

Blackstone Seed Group,  North Providence,  c/o Karon Hartshorn   email   facebook   website


Celli Sanctaidd O Gerridwen A Lleu Seed Group,  Nashville   c/o John Michael Shrewsbury               email    website

Star Song Seed Group,  La Follette   c/o Sarah Ingalls Voiles   email


Firewheel Seed Group, San Antonio,  c/o Drew Hicks   email

River of Stars Druid Fellowship,  North Texas area   c/o Jenna   email   facebook

The Sky and Bear Seed Group,  Gilmer, E Texas  c/o Alex   email   facebook


Ag Ardu Solas (Rising Light) Seed Group, Davis County,  c/o Daryl   email

Sacred Mountains Utah Seed Group,  Lehi,  c/o Shelley,   email   facebook


Well of Segais Seed Group,  Bethel,  c/o Nancy   email   website


Circle of Caorann,  Tacoma,  c/o Christie Hart, Tel: – 253 394 8868   email   website

Circle of Coll Seed Group,  Seattle,  c/o Moss Magill   email    website


Dragon Heart Seed Group,  South Central Wisconsin,  c/o Anne O’Brien   email

Divergent Waters Seed Group,  Appleton,   c/o Rob Wolfert   email

Firefly Valley Seed Group, Argyle, WI,  c/o Danni Lang   email   website   facebook

Foxfire Seed Group, Appleton,   C/o Robert Aikins   email


Bird Song Hollow Seed Group,  Cody,  c/o  Bill Clinton   email