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The Order is a worldwide community

BarnOwlBeltane 1, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

The Order is a worldwide community, with members in over fifty countries. There are now groves, seed-groups, and members’ events in many different parts of the world, and the course is published in six languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Some of these language groups publish their own journals and newsletters and produce their own podcasts. This website is the Order’s English-language website, but you can find Order websites in other languages. These have been created and are maintained separately and autonomously by OBOD members in other countries.

Directory of links to OBOD sites overseas

OBOD in the USA site  https://druidryus.org – United in our the love of the earth, in the United States we are graced with a wild, incredibly diverse and ancient land with a beautiful tapestry of peoples and cultures.  Along with members in other countries, our OBOD members celebrate and mark the seasons in song, poetry,  art,  ritual, and service to our communities.This website is an informational hub for United States OBOD members and their supporters. US OBOD members provide this content, and we hope to assist in: Finding other members, seed groups or groves; Developing seed groups, groves, and gatherings; Celebrancy and rites of passage; Finding and using relevant resources, and Contributing to our wider communities

OBOD in Australia site    www.druidryaustralia.org

OBOD in Australia & New Zealand magazine  Serpentstar 

Live Facebook chats with members in Australia and New Zealand: DDUDE: Druids Down Under Discuss Everything recorded on Youtube here.

Dutch language site  and for the OBOD course in Dutch: www.druiderij.nl

Dutch language magazine  Dryade

French language site   and for the OBOD course in French: http://obod.fr

French language magazine  Menhir

German language site  www.druidry.info

Italian language site: email  druidry.it

Portuguese language site   www.obod.com.pt

Portuguese language magazine  Ophiusa

European International Camp site http://obod.nl/dryade/camp

East Coast USA: Dragon Oak OBOD Retreat site  https://dragonoakobodretreat.druidry.org

BAM: East Coast (MA) USA Gathering site: https://bamdruidgather.org

Gulf Coast USA Gathering site  https://gulfcoastgathering.druidry.org

MAGUS: The Mid-Atlantic Coast USA Gathering site http://www.magusgathering.org