Our Courses

Discover the sources of your creative power. Help your life flourish and your Soul express itself fully. Learn the magical and shamanic skills and techniques of Druid spirituality: the use of ritual, of sacred space, of the circle, the directions and elements, to attune yourself to the natural world, and help you access your Deep Self – that part of you which feels at one with all life.

Train in Druidry

The practice of Druidry used to be confined to those who could learn by visiting a Grove or Druid in person. But over the years the Order has developed an experience-based course which can be followed wherever you live. Thousands of people of all ages and educational backgrounds have taken this course, which works with the ideas and practices of Druidry in a thoroughly practical, yet also deeply spiritual way.

What Our Members Say

Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at the University of Bristol, says in his book The Druids:

“The OBOD correspondence course arguably represents one of the major documents of British spirituality from the late twentieth century.”

Since then the course has been developed, revised and expanded for the 21st century. Here are some reactions to the course from members:

For the renewed presence in my life of this sense of spiritual, magical intimacy with the world of matter, I am deeply grateful. It takes me back to my roots in more way than one; it connects me deeply to the earth of my nourishment, to the magical realm of the living world. I have also learned so much about myself, about choice and about freedom. S.H. from London
This magnificent and highly inspiring journey through the Bardic, Ovate and Druid training is mind-blowing, poetic and life-changing all at the same time - a new and yet so old perspective on life and spirituality and a piece of art in itself. T.S. from Zurich
The greatest value of the OBOD postal course is this: it exists. It is available. Precious insights are being passed along. The mysteries are being shared. Thanks to all who have made this course possible! V.C. from Oregon
Our Other Training

Train to be a Celebrant

Celebrancy is the art of being able to design and lead Weddings/Handfastings, Funerals, Baby Namings & other Rites of Passage. We have developed two online training courses which are open to members and non-members alike, which together constitute a well-rounded grounding in the art of celebrancy.