Annette Peard | Celebrant

Annette Peard


Annette started her spiritual path in earnest 24 years ago, learning body and Indian head massage, metamorphic technique and becoming a Reiki Master. She discovered Shamanism twelve years ago, which changed her life. She is a trained Shamanic Counselor and Practitioner and has attended many shamanic workshops and rituals both here in Ireland and abroad with indigenous shamans.

She was made a Peace Elder by Lakota Chief Mary Thunder in 1999 at the Four Directions Conference in Texas. She has trained with Grof Transpersonal Training to be a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. She is also a member of OBOD, a practicing Druid and member of a Grove. She is available for one-to-one sessions for shamanic counseling and healing (soul retrieval, extraction and journeying), Reiki, rituals and druidic ceremonies. Email: