Eva Bay Greenslade | Celebrant

Eva Bay Greenslade


I am really passionate about creating ceremonies for our important life rites of passage. I offer Pagan handfasting and baby naming ceremonies, as well as ceremonies around parent. I am a doula and offer parent blessings, baby earthing, as well as rites of passage for our stages of life. I will offer you a ceremony that feels right for you, I will work with you to write a ceremony that comes from your heart, and experiences, whilst drawing on my experiences too. Your ceremony is a big event and rite of passage within your life to remember always, I will help you honour that!

Whilst my experience is mainly from a Pagan background, I will help you to explore different traditions you can include and really enjoy learning about different traditions and cultures. I will do my best to honour what is in your heart for your ceremony and create it so it is understood by every guest present, from all walks of life.
I will spend time with you leading up to the ceremony, planning and ensuring all is as you wish.
I live in Brighton, East Sussex, and I am willing to travel. If you are interested in seeing if I am the right celebrant for you, please contact me, Eva:  evabay@sacredmotherhoodjourneys.com or you can visit my current website below. www.sacredmotherhoodjourneys.com