Hagal Renato Mancini | Celebrant

Hagal Renato Mancini


I am following the Druid path for over twenty years and during this time I acted as celebrant in various rituals of handfasting, naming and memorials.

I support and facilitate the organization of the rituals of the eight festivals for the Italian Druid Order as well as workshops and talks. Over the past ten years I worked to help people in search of self awareness and their potential by connecting with the elements and reconnecting with the natural world.
In 2009, together with others, I founded the Italian Druid Order – Il Bosco dell’Awen (The Awen Grove) with the intention to spread druid thought and philosophy, also through the distribution of the OBOD course. I can help with rites anywhere in Italy. Contact me by email: info@boscodellawen.org