Jason Desneiges  | Celebrant

Jason Desneiges


My name is Jason Desneiges, a bilingual independent celebrant, and have been on an Earth-Based spiritual path since 1992 when I first discovered the various expressions of paganism. I am an OBOD Druid and a licensed clergy member through the Maine Pagan Clergy Association of Maine, and offer services that celebrate rites of passage throughout life, that celebrate the Earth, and that serve the living and the dead. I am located in Aroostook County, but can travel throughout the State of Maine.

I offer magical, Nature-Based ceremonies beautifully crafted and co-created with you for every occasion. I conduct organic celebrations divinely inspired to meet and exceed your expectations in creating environments and experiences that move the heart and soul.

I most enjoy creating sacred space within Nature (that is sacred always and everywhere) in outdoor settings drawing from the beauty of the four seasons. I strive to make your vision come to fruition working to translate your ideas into reality. Indoor spaces too can be transformed into enchantingly beautiful venues to meet your needs.

I create aesthetically pleasing and profoundly meaningful ceremonies that engage all the senses, and that are wholly inclusive putting participants at the center of their own celebration.

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