Jenneth Graham | Celebrant

Jenneth Graham


As a qualified celebrant based in NSW, I chose to dedicate my life to ceremony, as ceremony is a deeply sacred act. I am strongly enthusiastic about bringing eco-ethical standards into my ceremonies, whereby every inclusion in the ceremony is either environmentally-sustainable, ethically-sourced, recycled, reused or repaired.

When I craft a ceremony with someone, we explore all the ways to bring out the deeper meaning of the moment and the event being celebrated. Over the years since, I have been crafting ceremonies to mark womanhood, to mark the death of a loved one, to welcome new babies into the world, and to celebrate the love two people have for each other. As a celebrant, I can offer you legal wedding – and handfasting – ceremonies that include your Druid and Pagan beliefs.To all my ceremonies I bring:· A passion for ceremony & a wealth of ceremony experience · Authenticity, honesty, patience, respect & understanding · A creative heart & an organised mind· A sacred outlook to life & openness to spiritual expression in ceremony. You can visit me at my website or email me