JJ Middleway


An OBOD tutor for the past 15 years, I have wide experience of conducting rites of passage ceremonies, and bespoke rituals, over the last 19 years. These include, but are not limited to, Namings/Baby Blessings, Handfastings/Weddings, and Parting/Funeral services. I aim for simplicity, depth, authenticity, spontaneity and fun – a rich mix of reverence and of mirth. These range from small, informal back garden affairs, to very large and high profile events.

It has been and remains, my privilege to serve all walks of life and all paths (or none). I enjoy meeting with participants and working together to produce what is always, in my experience, a unique and deeply moving ritual. Whilst lovingly rooted in the Earth and in Mother Nature, and richly influenced by Druidry, the services I offer encompass considerable influences from Buddhist, Sufi and other sacred traditions. Most times, my services are not so much openly Druidic as inclusive ‘Celebrations of Life’. I also offer witnessing/ listening/healing and mediation. Based in Gloucestershire but but will travel anywhere in UK or beyond. Email: jjmiddleway@hotmail.com or visit my Website here.


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