Lorraine Munn


I am a mentor with OBOD, and an ordained minister with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. I have acted as Celebrant for many occasions over the last 20 years, from baby namings, wedding blessings and handfastings, rites of passage, and celebration of life ceremonies (funerals and memorials).

My experience extends to running workshops and giving talks on related topics, and I organise seasonal festivals and ceremonies on a regular basis for small intimate groups to very large public gatherings.
I love to create and facilitate unique and special ceremonies that will make the occasion stand out from the ordinary – marking those significant moments in life that only happen once. The usual pattern is for a draft ceremony to be produced after a full discussion, which can then refined and added to. This is offered as a service so at all times the person or people involved have full control over what is happening (unless some aspect is meant as a surprise of course!)
An additional skill is that my interfaith training enables me to find the language and words to bridge beliefs and customs which is helpful when families hold differing spiritual views or have none at all. I am also available for one-to-one spiritual counselling (this can be conducted by phone), and life choice counselling. I am based in the west of England and am willing to travel. In the first instance email:lorrimunn@gmail.com


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