Photo of Paul Corcoran

Paul Corcoran


I am a solemniser with the Pagan Federation Ireland, certified celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants, a Druid-grade graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and an experienced public speaker through Toastmasters International.


I have a deep love of ritual and ceremony.  At its heart, ceremony is very simple – being completely present and performing an action with intention.  I believe that ritual adds a richness to living and I believe that people need ritual to imbue life with meaning.

I am a solemniser with the Pagan Federation Ireland and I have been on the Register of Solemnisers since February 4, 2020 meaning I am able to legally solemnise weddings in the Republic of Ireland, within the Irish Pagan Tradition.

I work very closely with you to explore what your ceremony means to you.  I work with your personal beliefs and traditions to create a ceremony that is deeply meaningful for you.

Within the Order, I also serve as Groves and Seed Groups Coordinator, and as a Mentor. I also help to run a Facebook group for LGBTQIA members of the Order.

I currently live in north Co. Cork, Ireland. I look forward to speaking with you!


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