Sandy Buckle


I have been a member of OBOD for over 10 years and finished my journey through the Druid Grade in 2016. Living on Dartmoor in Devon in am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful sites for ceremonies such as hand-fastings, weddings, vow renewal, child naming, funerals and other significant days or life transitions and am also happy to travel to other areas in the South West of England. I was inspired by the OBOD “Celebrate! Gathering” to expand my work as a Celebrant and am now also a member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

My background as a children’s nurse has given me a particular interest in including children in ceremonies of all types.Having worked in palliative care I am also keen to help children who are affected by the death of someone they were close to or a companion animal and can advise on ways to help them at these difficult times.
The formation of a family through adoption or a new parental relationship can be made very special when marked by a ceremony and can help adjustment into this new phase.
My ceremonies are crafted specifically for you and can be based in my Druidic / nature based pathway or placed within a wider spiritual framework. They will always be designed in partnership with you to suit your individual needs on these special days. FFI Email: – Phone:07818065382 or visit my Website here


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