Therese Clemo


What is truly felt leaves the deepest inscription.
~ John O’Donohue

As an OBOD Druid, trained and certified in Celebrating Life and a practicing Celtic ‘Monk’ of Irish and Indian ancestry, I offer sacred rites of passage and holy intercessions. With over two decades of experience and as an Informal Celebrant, we will weave, craft and forge a ceremony, a prayer or a rite of passage together. I offer both Fully Present and Astral Rites; the former is when you choose to hold your ceremony here with me in stunning West Penwith Cornwall or as a shamanistic model where I fulfil the full ceremony and provide you with the symbolism, insight and blessing bestowed upon your ceremonial.

As a Druid Celebrant I will lovingly guide you in the co-creation of a sacred space within which your important life journey seeks to become etched upon the soul. From crafting the mystical pre- rite preparations, to the alchemy of the actual rite itself and the final capture of the moment for you and your loved ones to cherish afterwards, I will listen, explore and help you to reach the sacredness that you seek.

Whether you are welcoming a new soul to Earth through my unique Wind Cloaks Weaving or joyfully seeking a Hand fasting, a rite of passage, naming ceremony and thanksgiving or requesting a Pra-Hare intercession for healing, fertility, separation, forgiving / forgiveness, rite of passing and letting go. I have over twenty years of experience in enabling these blessings for humans and animals alike day and night.

Fully Present Rites:

In the beautiful wildness of West Penwith Cornwall I can suggest mystical locations for y-our ceremony, connect you to local artists, dancers and musicians and unique after- celebration spaces. With the magic of beach fires, the singing wind, azure waves and quartzite stone circles the passion of your ritual shall be consecrated. West Penwith is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Dark Skies park.

Astral Rites:

Any ceremony can be achieved at a distance and/or in synchrony if required. Examples are when your baby is arriving and you would like me to create your new born’s unique Wind Cloak. Woven from the threads of Wyrd and the Table of the Airts , I will Wind Watch for the colour of the Wind at the moment of birth. Or you may not be able to travel to West Penwith but would like a sacred blessing on a special moment in which case I will carry out our co-created rite/ceremony e.g. A full Moon Ceremony at a stone circle, which is symbolically captured in a Pra-Hare blessed and present at the ritual. Each Pra-Hare is a uniquely handmade Ceramic Prayer Hare which I will then package off to you to be present at your later secular or independent ceremony.

I work with ACORNS which means that you may contribute to my materials, time and process in the way that you believe is possible for you to afford ; a skills exchange is also welcome . Please contact me at:


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