Thomas Stölzer


As a Bard, Ovate and Druid, I play music and write poetry as well as offer my services for celebration, divination and healing.

I am a teacher, a father, a husband, a man, a warrior, a peace maker, a judge, a police man, an actor, a priest, a wise man, a fool, a magician, a writer, a nutter.

After excursions into different philosophies and religions on my spiritual search, I finally found and joined the OBOD in 2016. I started with the Bardic Path and loved it! Soon I became aware that I wanted to go through all ‘stages’ and walk on the Ovate, as well as the Druid Path, with all their wonderful, miraculous, amazing insights.

When finishing the Druid Gwersi the question arose where to continue. I felt clearly that I wanted to be of service and provide celebrations for rites of passage, and so I trained to be a celebrant. Which has taken me here.


I am based in Basel, Switzerland. I am willing to travel to South-Western Germany, Northern and Central Switzerland, as well as in the Swiss Jura Region and also in the Southern Alsace Region of Eastern France, as I speak French.


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