Volkert Volkmann | Celebrant

Volkert Volkmann


I am a Druid living in the woods of middle Germany. As a natural healer (Heilpraktiker) I practice many different ways, working with herbal plants, etheric oils, massage, chiropractic and so on. My interest is to built up the energy of body, mind and spirit in cases of illness or personal times of change. Doing this I use traditional music with drums, Celtic Harp and Nyckelharpa, singing and dancing, also Mask Performances, Events and mental awareness training.

I organize Rites of Passage like Blessings, Name-Giving, Weddings, Funerals, and personal and group healing ceremonies, Keltic Sweat Houses and ‘Gabhar Teine’ Fire ceremonies. Interested? Contact Volkert by email: info@Keltia.de and my website.