25th Mount Haemus Lecture ~ Discovering Meaning In Ireland: Megalith Spiritual Experiences


Megalithic sites in Ireland have a profound effect on many people, drawing them in with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Some are interested in these structures from a historical or scientific perspective, while others view them as sacred and make pilgrimages to them. This research study aims to explore the spiritual experiences of individuals who have visited these sites and the impact these experiences have had on their lives. The study utilizes the descriptive phenomenological method developed by Giorgi (2009) to identify the essential psychological components of such experiences as reported by participants. Through this inquiry, the research aims to uncover related themes and deeper meaning in spiritual experiences at megalithic sites. The findings of this study may be valuable to humanistic researchers, spiritual seekers, and mental health professionals, adding to the growing field of ecopsychology, spirituality, natural philosophy, and phenomenological research. This research may also offer insight and support for individuals seeking connection to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives and address symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Spiral triskelion (formed from mathematical Archimedean spirals), occasionally used as a Christian Trinitarian symbol

About The Author

Paul M. White, Ph.D., LMFT is a doctor of mind-body medicine, a licensed psychotherapist of eight years, and a former English teacher. He has extensive experience in creating and facilitating therapeutic groups focused on emotional regulation and trauma utilizing somatic and poetry therapy. He is a founding member of The Wholeness Initiative which is aimed at teaching mental health strategies internationally to disadvantaged communities. Primarily, Dr. White is passionate about assisting people through the healing process by teaching about the integral connection between mind, body, and soul. In his free time, you will find him hiking, reading/writing, and playing Qigong in nature near the foothills of the Appalachian trail of western Maryland.


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