Adventures in Nutopia Series Two

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Can we dream the future?Is a world without capitalism possible?What is hypnagogia?What is the death and resurrection show?Is a ‘growth economy’ better described as cancerous? Can drones heal us?Does music sound better through the chin?


Adventures in Nutopia is back with a brand new series: four hour-long documentary episodes exploring sound, economics, dreams and the connections between popular entertainment and our nomadic ancestors.

Guests include Jude Rogers, Dr. Marissa Carnesky, Richard Norris, Paul Devereux, Fiona Miller, Harry Sword, Gary Lachman, Philip Carr-Gomm, Kate Alderton; Sarah Janes, Sir Tim Smit, Kate Raworth, Timothee Parrique and Inez Aponte.

An entertaining, mind-expanding podcast series  exploring radical ideas, ecology, art, sound, economics, consciousness and new social movements for a positive future.
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‘An absorbing, thought-provoking listen.’ The Guardian

‘Brimful of interesting, fresh, and thought-provoking ideas. Comforting, intelligent, non-judgemental, and warm. And I even liked pretty much all the jokes!’ John Lloyd (QI, Spitting image, Museum of Curiosity)

Adventures in Nutopia is made possible through the generous support of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

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