Autumn Equinox/Alban Elfed Solo Ritual No.2

balance altar, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

by Maria Ede-Weaving

You will need a white and a black candle. In preparation for the ritual, choose an animal, a tree and a special place.Each must feel scared and special to you. Your animal and tree must speak to you of cerain characteristics and/or abilities that you wish to adopt and develop at this point in your life. For instance , you might choose an Oak because it spoke of strength and endurance, if you feel you need extra of these qualities. Whatever feels right for you. Your special place will be a symbol of your inner sanctary, the place you retreat to when you need to recharge your batteries, to be silent, a place where you cna listen to your inner voice. You might like to perform the ritual in your special place in the outer world, or go there in yiur imagination. Either is good. Bring your animal, tree and special place to the ritual, either in your mind’s eye or you might like to bring pictures or ites that relate to each (e.g photos, feathers, leaves, berries, twigs etc).

Ritual Statement: I cast circle to celebrate the festival of the Autumn Equinox. At this time I give heartfelt thanks for the Earth’s bounty: trees swollen with nuts and fruit; the hedgerows heavy with blackberries; the last of the grain gathered and stored.
autumn leaves the sun macro wallpaper preview, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.We feel exhilarated by the sharp blue autumn skies and the vibrant reds of rosehips, haws and rowan berries; by the beginning of the leaves turning, more glorious in their last days. At this moment of great abundance, we feel the days slowing, the evenings darkening and a new chill gathering at the edges of our reverie.

Calling the Goddess: I call upon the Goddess as Ancient Earth Mother, ground of my being. May I honour you always; may my roots grow deep within your rich soil. At this time, I honour you as bright lady of the rowan in berry; the hips, haws and sweet fruits of autumn are your generous bounty. I give thanks for your abundance. You are the strength of badger; the intelligence of fox and as the warm earth gives these creature shelter and safety, you are also our guardian and home.
earth mother 1, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.I honour you also as Ocean Mother, surrendering myself to your vast mystery and grace. Wash clean my weariness and hurt, uphold my heavy heart, cleanse me of life’s burdens. Teach me through your fluid nature to flow easily with whatever life brings me, ever-changing, ever-adapting, ever-deepening my wisdom. May your salt heal my deepest wounds; may your currents be stronger than my darkest mood; may I drink from your sacred chalice and be held in the lap of your tender embrace. Great Goddess of Earth and Sea, please bless me with your presence.

Calling the God: I call upon the God as Father of the Abundant Harvest. Your spirit ripens to fullness in vine, fruit, nut and berry. Guardian of the Sacred Source of all Inspiration, at this time of balance between light and dark, with your deep wisdom guide me towards darkness and repose, towards the source of all life, inspiration and creation, that I might take stock, replenish and give thanks. Please bless us with your presence.
October Plenty The Berry Man, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.The Beginning of the Journey Inwards to the Source:

At this time of the Autumn Equinox, we not only give thanks and offer gratitude for the immense blessings of our lives, we also contemplate and prepare for the journey towards winter.

At this time when light is balanced with dark, we search for equilibrium in ourselves. As the growing darkness stretches out before us, we celebrate the paradox and mystery that in times of waning we are blessed with harvest; that in endings there are fruits to nourish us through the darker times.

Create a spiral, either in your imagination, or with stones or chord upon the floor within your ritual space. Place a black candle at the centre of your spiral and a white candle at the beginning of the spiral on the outer edge. Stand at the entrance of the spiral path. Focus on taking with you – on your inward spiralling journey – your chosen animal, tree and place (you can take any items you have broght with you to the centre). Say,

Goddess and God, I ask for your guidance as I begin my journey back to the centre of the spiral. Teach me that this is the journey up river to the source, a journey I will make many times in my life, as sure as the ebb and flow of tides, as vital as the breathing in and out of my own body.
autumn mandala, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Begin to walk your spiral inward. When you reach the centre sit down. There you will find your black candle – this represents the waning energies of the year. Light it and place both candles next to each other with any objects you have brought between them. Meditate on the balance that the candles represent; feel the light in equal balance to the dark – this is the gift of the equinox. Reach for that equilibrium within you; feel it as a moment of stillness and peace. Draw this feeling into yourself. Let it nourish and ground you.

Now focus on your tree and the characteristics and qualities that you wish to develop. Imagine yourself as this tree, your roots growing deep into the Earth Mother’s body, held secure, rooted and grounded. Ask the spirit of the tree to guide and help you. Feel the desired qualities being drawn up through your roots and moving throughout your whole being. When ready, thank you tree.
dried leaf photography, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Now focus on your animal. Call to them and ask for their guidance and help. Feel them sharing with you the th desired quality you need. Imagine what it would feel like to be them. When ready, thank you animal.

Now focus on your special place. Make a pledge to yourself that whenever you need some peace and clarity, whenever you need to hear your inner voice, you will visit this place, either in actuality or deep inside your imagination. Go their in your mind; connect witb this place; greet it as an old friend. When ready, thank your special place.
forest floor, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Now spend some time with your feelings; acknowledge the images and sensations that come. When you feel ready to begin your return journey out of the spiral say,

I have brought all that is precious here to store deep within me. This place will nourish me through these coming weeks of growing darkness. I welcome the shortening days and the chance to ponder; to sit at winter’s hearth and dream my dreams. From this place of balance I draw strength to move on with joy and gratitude into winter. As the year grows older and wiser, I give praise for my joys and sorrows, for the lessons they have taught me. I welcome the letting go and trust in the wheel’s turning. I give thanks for the countless blessings and abundance I am gifted with. Blessed Be.

Now slowly walk the spiral back out again…

Give Thanks: Sweet Goddess and God of the Abundant Harvest of Earth and Sea, I thank you for your presence and your deep generosity. May your wisdom grace my life; may I honour you, this land and this earth as sacred and precious. Go with me always.
harvest festival, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.



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