In the contributions published in this Druids for Justice section, we hear the voices of OBOD members. The pieces reflect the reality lived by members directly affected by racism or other injustices, and how Druids have taken action to express their love of justice, in ways great or small. They tell their stories. They reflect the diversity of the Order.

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Statement by Liz Cruse

We are citizens of Planet Earth

Many of us are members of XR and Friends of the Earth

We stand here in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters in the USA who have been protesting the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th 2020 and the deaths of many others

We stand in solidarity with those in our own country who are protesting against racist systems here where inequality, infection with Covid-19 and police powers fall disproportionately on black and minority ethnic people.

To those who ask XR what have these protests to do with the climate emergency we say, everything.

Justice must be at the heart of our push towards decarbonisation and climate stabilisation. For black people stand to suffer disproportionately from climate change. Drought and heat will affect poor people in equatorial countries. These people are predominantly black. The poor will have no defence against coastal flooding in countries such as Bangladesh.

We stand here, in peace, in memory of George Floyd, and many others, in solidarity with black and minority ethnic people everywhere who bear the weight of racism and injustice.

pinkbutterfly, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

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