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Welcome to the webpage for DruidCast - provided by the Order and downloaded over 3 million times. Produced monthly around the 20th of each month.

Your host is Damh the Bard and each episode features poetry, story and song offered by Bards throughout the world. There are also interviews with people involved in the Druid tradition, and related areas, plus seasonal thoughts, explorations of Celtic mythology and history, reviews, and competitions. Please send contributions for the podcast to: podcast@druidry.org, or through the post to: OBOD DruidCast, PO Box 1333, Lewes, E. Sussex, BN7 1DX.

Dive straight into the DruidCast archive of over 170 episodes. Shownotes include links to all of the artists and speakers we have featured on DruidCast over the years. Stream and download the show using the player below.


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You can find transcripts of the ‘Talky Bits’ from each new episode here:

DruidCast Episode 171 – Interview with Dana O’Driscoll by Philip Carr-Gomm

DruidCast Episode 172 – Transcript of DruidCast Episode 172

DruidCast Episode 173 – Transcript of Druidcast Interview Episode 173

DruidCast Episode 174 – Transcript of Druidcast Interview Episode 174

DruidCast Episode 175 – Interview Transcript with Luke Eastwood – DruidCast 185 Interview Transcript with Luke Eastwood – DruidCast 175

DruidCast Episode 176 – DruidCast 176 Transcript – Interview with Gary Colcombe

DruidCast Episode 177 – DruidCast 177 Transcript – Interview with Suzanne Rance

DruidCast Episode 178 – DruidCast 178 transcript – Interview with Dan Nelson

DruidCast Episode 179 – Transcript for DruidCast Episode 179 – interview with Penny Billington

DruidCast Episode 180 – Transcript of Rob Wildwood Interview – DruidCast 180

DruidCast Episode 181 – Transcript for DruidCast Episode 181 – Prometheus with Sam R Geraghty

DruidCast Episode 182 – Ronald – Philip – Eimear

DruidCast Episode 183 – Transcript of DruidCast 183 Talky Bit – Vikki Bramshaw, New Forest Charms and Symbols

DruidCast Episode 184 – Interview with Wendy Shrubsall on Pagan Prison Chaplaincy

DruidCast Episode 185 – Transcript Eimear and Damh the Bard DruidCast 185

DruidCast Episode 186 – DruidCast episode 186 – Interview with Matthew Baker

DruidCast Episode 187 – Transcript show 187 interview with Dr David Bramwell

DruidCast Episode 188 – Transcript of DruidCast 188 – Interview with Levannah Morgan

DruidCast Episode 189 – DruidCast Episode 189 – Transcript of interview with Barry Patterson

DruidCast Episode 190 – Transcript for DruidCast Episode 190 – Fireside Chat with Billy Stewart and Kate Collison

DruidCast Episode 191 – DruidCast Episode 191 – Interview with JJ Middleway

DruidCast Episode 192 – DruidCast 192 – Interview with Cazi Brook

DruidCast Episode 193 – Transcript of DruidCast Episode 193 – Damh the Bard Solo show

DruidCast Episode 194 – Transcript for show 194 – Mhara Starling – Welsh Faeries and Magic

DruidCast Episode 195 – DruidCast 195 – Sacred Animals, Refreshing Connections – Gordon MacLellan

DruidCast Episode 196 – DruidCast Episode 196 – Transcript of Kate Johnson on The Sacred Sun

DruidCast Episode 197 – DruidCast Episode 197 – Transcript of interview with Jason Mankey

DruidCast Episode 198 – Transcript of DruidCast 198 interview with Maria-Ede-Weaving

DruidCast Episode 199 – Transcript of Graham Harvey at the OBOD Winter Gathering 2023



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There’s a rich storehouse of inspiration in the teachings of Druidry, which are now more relevant than ever, because they address the most urgent and important issue of our time: how we galvanize all of our potential – including the spiritual – to protect and restore the Earth.