Embodying the Divine ~ Nemetona Practice ~ The Quest for Wholeness

earth forest 4k hd, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

by Stefan Kaiser



Great Nemetona, goddess of sacred space,
Hear my call, come to this sacred place.
With love and gratitude, I honour thee,
And ask for your wisdom and guidance to see.

Nemetona, lover of the shining knight and king,
Bringer of fertility, your blessings they sing.
The land blossoms with life at your command,
In fields and forests, all thrive under your hand.

Nemetona, protector of the land and trees,
Your peaceful aura puts all at ease.
But should the battle cry be heard,
You become the Queen of Victory, honoured and revered.


The Druid Quest


I have walked the path of earth and air,
Felt the fire’s heat, the water’s care.
Connected to the ancestors’ love divine,
And the tribe’s support, a steadfast line.

In this sacred circle, I stand with time,
Feeling its flow, its rhythm and rhyme.
Space opens wide, a portal to be,
Where I can journey, exploring and see.

I’ve developed the light body bright and strong,
To face the journey that lies beyond.
The sun cycle of eight festivals I’ve tracked,
The moon phases, the stars, and stones I do reflect.

Peace to the cardinal points I send,
And summon their elemental might,
I stand among the sacred trees,
In the grove, my spirit finds its peace.

I’ve learned the arts of healing well,
And divination’s secrets I can tell,
From five streams I’ve drunk, I’ve sipped,
But now, the sacred pool, I’ll take a deep dip.

I seek the Awen, the divine spark within,
To honour, integrate, and transcend all spirits within.

Nemetona, great goddess of peace,
Teach me the meaning of this divine release.
Love’s essence, what does it hold in store,
In the Druidic path, what does it have in store?

The Awen, what is its power, so true,
How can it help me, to grow and renew?
Nwyfre, the life-force, what does it impart,
And wholeness, how does it heal the heart?

Great Nemetona, answer my call,
And guide me in this sacred journey, for all.


forest light sun, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.




Nemetona, goddess of sacred space,
Appears before me, with youthful grace.
Guardian of land and grove for ages untold,
Her wisdom and presence, forever bold.

In a red dress, she radiates with light,
Her brow shines bright, a radiant sight.
A beam of light shines down on me,
Filling my body, completely free.

Negativity cleared, I am a body of light,
Transformed and renewed, in her divine sight.
She smiles at me, and greets me with love,
Filling my heart, with blessings from above.

Nemetona Stefan, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.
Image by Rowan Lewgalon



Nemetona Chant


Nemetona, goddess of the grove,
Sacred space you gently clove,
Guide and bless us, here we stand,
Protected by your loving hand.

Nemetona, goddess of the grove,
Protect and bless this sacred cove.
May we feel your presence here,
And know your love is always near.

forest view crqeo6nhz5gr9wks, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.


Becoming One


Nemetona, goddess of sacred space,
Shrinks to a ball of radiant grace.
She flies above me, with wings of light,
And sinks into my body, with all her might.

Expanding, her light fills me completely,
Nemetona and I, one in unity.
I see the world through her eyes so bright,
And come to rest in this awakened sight.

In this awareness, I am at peace,
With Nemetona’s love, my heart does increase.
Together we are, in this sacred space,
In harmony, with love and grace.


Lifting the Veil


Listen, my child, to my words so wise,
And heed my voice, that shines like starlight.
I’ll be with you, throughout every trial,
And reveal secrets, kept hidden for a while.

With guidance, love, and ancient lore,
I’ll lead you on, and help you soar.
The journey ahead, I’ll help you see,
And the truth you’ll find, will set you free.

Peace inside is a state of pure awareness and the ground,
Without reacting and clinging the truth can be found.

Giving all perceptions a space to be,
And then move on the next to see.

To keep peace outside, you need a few things,
Like protection, strength, and understanding,
Knowledge to guide you through the strife,
Justice to ensure a fairer life,

And above all, love to bind us all,
For without it, peace will surely fall.

Love is a tender feeling, with compassion in its core,
A contact with all beings, forevermore.
Compassionate and kind, with a gentle touch,
It brings happiness, joy, and peace, as much.

Awen, the divine inspiration, is attained,
By seeing all things, with peace and love, maintained.
It brings the spark of creativity, within,
Guiding one’s path, to the journey’s win.

Nwyfre, the life-force, is the essence of all,
Bringing vitality, energy, and the call.
To live life fully, with joy and delight,
Nwyfre, the source, shining bright, so bright.

Walk in peace, love, and light,
Connected to self, nature, and divine’s might.
On this path, wholeness is found,
Heart and soul, in unity bound.

Though wholeness always dwells within,

Attaining wisdom reveals it, unhidden.
No more striving needed to feel complete,
For the truth of oneness is now replete.

sun star, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.




My physical form shrinks to a ball of light,
Till it fades from vision, out of sight.
Oneness is achieved, with duality dissolved,
In pure awareness, love and peace involved.

All appearances and emanations, a play and dance,
Of Annwn, the great cauldron of the goddess, in trance.
My peace undisturbed, by all that I see,
No rejection and no grasping, just pristine awareness, and equanimity.

In wholeness, I have arrived, complete and whole,
With a heart filled with love, my spirit made whole.
No longer divided, in this state I abide,
In pure awareness, peace, and wholeness, forever reside.




Slowly, I come back, to my normal state,
But even still, I see the world anew, and appreciate.
Less affected by what happens, all around,
Nemetona guards, my inner and outer grove, she’s always found.

I wish that this wholeness, stays for all to see,
Before normal life, takes over, and distracts me.
But in this case, I’ll remember, what I’ve learned today,
The wholeness, the peace, and the love, that won’t go away.

This practice is a reminder, of what lies within,
The wholeness, the peace, and the love, that we all win.
And with Nemetona’s guidance, I’ll find my way,
To keep this awareness, with me, every single day.

winter path, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.


The Druid Vow


With heart full of love, and a spirit so bright,
I vow to serve, as a Druid, with all my might.
To help all others, find the path to peace,
And achieve a state of wholeness, that will never cease.

With Nemetona’s guidance, I’ll walk this way,
To spread love and light, each and every day.
To help heal the broken, and bring peace to all,
And in this service, I shall never fall.

With this vow, I am a Druid, and I shall remain,
A servant of the earth, and the love that it sustains.
And with each step I take, I am closer to the divine,
In a state of wholeness, where love and peace will always shine.


Thanks and Farewell


Dear Nemetona, goddess of sacred space,
I offer my thanks for your kind embrace,

Your presence brought peace and insight to this place,
And now I bid you a fond farewell with grace.

Please stay with us and guide us on our way,
And lead us to the light of a brand-new day,
I ask for your wisdom to light my path each day,
So that I may honour you in all I say and pray.

And when the time comes for me to depart,

Please hold me safely in your loving heart,
Guide me to Tír na nÓg’s eternal grove of peace,
Where the joys of the Summerlands will never cease.

forest water fall green, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.




With this practice done, and with heart full of peace,
I dedicate the merit, to all beings’ release.
May all beings find, the path to wholeness and love,
And live in peace, with all powers above.

I pray that the merit, of this practice I have done,
May bring happiness, to all under the sun.
And may all beings, live in harmony and peace,
With love and kindness, that shall never cease.

So may it be, that this merit I share,
Brings peace and happiness, everywhere.
And may all beings, find their way to wholeness and love,
With Nemetona´s guidance, from above.


Copyright Stefan Kaiser, 2023


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