Future Life Progressions: Do the Past and the Future Really Exist?

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By Dr Renata Bartoli

‘The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us,
Long before it happens.’
~ Rilke

Many physicists, from Einstein to contemporary quantum physics scientists, have proved that time is a relative coordinate, specific and valid only in our three-dimensional physical world; a mere illusion due to our particular perspective, similar to the illusion that makes us think that it’s the sun orbiting around the earth and not vice versa.

According to this theory time doesn’t move, it’s us who move along it, like a passenger in a train who sees the landscape passing in front of his eyes, even if the landscape is still and it is he who moves through it.

The spiritual world, not being material, is not subjected to the constrictions and limits set upon us by time. It is interesting to note the incredible consistency shown in all traditions of the world, past and present, describing contacts with the Otherworld.

In these stories a temporal distortion is always present, and normally it is also the main characteristic of the experience: a day spent there can be a century on earth or a year there can account for only a few seconds in the physical reality of our bodies.
girl light inside body soul universe background, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.This is – by the way – also what happens in dreams and the dream dimension is probably the one which is the most familiar to us among all the non-material states. We can dream of the future as we can dream of dear ones departed a long time ago and see them in front of us, interacting with us as if ‘time hadn’t passed at all’. The fact is that in that dimension time does not exist, and therefore it cannot pass. For this reason, as we can explore past lives, we can also explore future lives if we wish. About this subject, however, there is a relatively small amount of investigation and literature compared to the research done on past lives.

The practical reasons are evident and such a type of investigation also raises a few complex philosophical points. We need to admit that here we are definitely in a foreign country, more or less ‘where dragons lie’, to use the words of our ancestors; a country which has been explored even less than the afterlife and where we are just starting to make our first uncertain steps.

If you are interested you can try, but you must be prepared to find more resistance from your subconscious because of the deep conditioning we have all been subjected to since our births: we live in a three-dimensional world where clocks rule our lives (lives which are mainly spent worrying about a mysterious, unknown future). It is not easy to suddenly trespass across the old boundary and wander in the ‘forbidden’ land that lies beyond.

future past present, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.In their favour progressions have the excitement of discoveries in a virgin territory where everything is possible. Do you feel up to the challenge?

To avoid disappointment though, I would suggest trying progressions only when you already feel confident with both past-life regressions and interlife investigations. These experiences will also give you a solid spiritual ground enabling you to handle the information from your possible future. If you succeed, the reward will be remarkable: the experience will greatly help you to understand mistakes you are making in the present by showing you the effects that your actions of today will bring you if you do not change.

As past life regressions can solve problems you are experiencing in the present and therefore change your present, progressions can also help you to modify your present in order to have a better future.

Remember: nothing is set in stone and we are constantly bathed in an ocean of ever-changing possibilities. We can receive help but the choice will always be ours, and with it, the responsibility too.

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