Gem Healing and the Corresponding Chakras

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I would like to start by addressing seven energy centres known as CHAKRAS, and their corresponding colours. I believe these colours and their vibratory rates relate to a selection of healing gems.

Humans operate at a dense, slow vibratory level. This is partially due to the fact that our bodies and our surroundings are perceived to be made of dense matter. Whereas, our ethereal body, not restricted by matter, vibrates at a higher level, as does Spirit. People who meditate, and focus on the higher consciousness are able to raise their vibration while lowering the rate of other body functions i.e. heart rate, breathing, digestion etc. Colours and gems also have individual vibrations, this effecting our interpretation of them, both visual and physical.

The Crown chakra, located on top of the head corresponds with white; the third eye at the forehead, purple. Moving to the Throat chakra, we “see” blue; while the Heart chakra’s colour is green. The Solar plexus in the stomach region is yellow; the Sacral just below, orange and finally the Root chakra at the genitals is red.
When considering these colours it is understandable why one works with red when the desired effect is to manifest primordial power, as one would work with white when the desire is purity and concise thought, as white encompasses all colours. This logic can be asserted to the remaining five chakra colours, as well.
Of course, there are limitless colours, and associations, as well as more energy centres; for the purpose of this paper, I will concentrate on the seven above mentioned.
close up of quartz crystals with pink sault 651473419 5ac7e32b30371300378c15d7, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Gemstones are a product of the Elements, and are found within the Earth. Each gem, like rocks, are compressed minerals, and as mentioned earlier, have varying effects when applied to healing.

The attributes of each mineral are indicative of the assigned astrological signs, as well as particular numbers. Numbers also have various vibratory rates. Keeping in mind the vast selection of gems available, I have chosen one stone per chakra.
larsenite, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.The crystal LARSENITE can be used to open the Crown chakra, providing clarity when pursuing spiritual development, allowing for acceptance of ‘positive’ actions, and understanding stress. It may be used in the treatment of trauma, including noise fright; as well as fevers and inter-venular disorders in the extremities. Larsenite vibrates to the number 4 and its astrological signs are Scorpio and Taurus.
Kaemmer rite, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.
A crystal known as KAMMERERITE can be found coloured purple and may be used in the development of the third eye; it addresses physical and mental functions as one entity, while stimulating sensitivity. It encourages self-knowledge, and helps one in determining one’s personal truth. Kammererite may be used when treating stress due to anticipation, bacterial infections, and speaks to disorders of the male reproductive system. It vibrates to the number 55 and corresponds to Virgo and Pisces.

nissonite, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Concentrating on the Throat chakra, NISSONITE is a blue-green crystal that can be used to clear and activate while assisting in bringing about concise understanding and communication. It may be useful in treating alcoholism, eating and nutritional issues and instability of the pulse. It vibrates to the number 7 and the sign of Cancer.

greenobsidian, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.
GREEN OBSIDIAN stimulates the heart chakra, and can help to cleanse cluttered emotions, and may be used in the treatment of heart and gall bladder disorders. Corresponding to the number 5, its sign is Gemini.

tigers eye stones 1024x1024, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.TIGER EYE can be found in the colour gold and is a quartz replacement of gold asbestos. Combining the energies of Sun and Earth, it brings both sharpness and grounding. As it contains solar energy, it helps with psychic processes which involve the Solar plexus chakra, and has been used in the treatment of eye disorders, and aids in night vision. Vibrating to the number 4, its astrological sign is Capricorn.

pascoite, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.The Sacral chakra is located below the Solar plexus and above the Root chakra and PASCOITE may be a helpful mineral when addressing the Sacral. It can be found in orange, and allows for the release of old issues and the progression towards future endeavours. Pascoite may help to stimulate sexual creativity and the pursuit of intuitive knowledge. Disorders of the alimentary canal and knee may benefit, and it stimulates motor skills, as well. Its sign is Taurus and its number, 7.

niccolite from cobalt ontario joel e arem, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.This brings us to the Root chakra. NICCOLITE is copper-red, and may be used to open the base chakra. In doing so, it promotes intuition in relationships, provides personal power and intellectual creativity, and can be helpful in sexual relationships, as well. Stimulation of the appetite, and enhancement of fertility, are a couple of uses, as is helping to resolve reproductive system disorders. It is advised not to prepare an elixir of Niccolite by the normal method. Its sign is Virgo and number 9.

While providing a brief synopsis of the above minerals, I in no way addressed all of the attributes, or characteristics of each gem, and it should be noted the information on each is vast.


While there are different ways to apply, and/or extract the minerals for use in healing, I personally recommend having the person in need, wear or carry the gem. Sometimes putting a stone under one’s pillow, can be beneficial, as well. In my opinion, there are too many variables per person to recommend ingesting an elixir, etc.

I thank you for reading this humble paper, and hope that it may inspire the reader to further research, and application.

Love is in the Air – A kaleidoscope of Crystals Melody 1995 Earth-Love Publishing
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