Interlife: A Spiritual Exploration

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When we undertake a past life regression we normally investigate the most important facts of that life and then we are led to the moment of our death and to the minutes just after it, when the soul detaches from the body, becoming free again, and assesses the life which has just terminated. Normally even people who are regressed for the first time are able to reach this point and gain much peace from it.

However, after the revision of the first moments following the detachment from the physical body, it is possible to investigate what the soul does in the spiritual dimension. It’s a busy time for the soul: first of all it recovers from the traumas suffered in its last incarnation and re-examines the experiences gained. During this period (also known as Bardo state) the soul meets with its soul-family, represented by souls very close to it and with whom it has probably incarnated many times to interact and learn lessons together. Finally the soul drafts the blueprint for its next life, sets goals and makes the appropriate arrangements about how to achieve these goals with those souls who will have a relevant role in it.
Some people might object that all information coming from the spiritual world is somehow dated, closely reflecting the beliefs and culture of the person channelling the information at the time. This argument is often used to dismiss the entire subject as a pure invention of the psychic’s mind. I believe that the truth is quite different. We are here on earth to pass tests. The spirit world can give us help but we must not fool ourselves: no-one will ever pass us the exam papers with the right answers already written on them. If they did, it would be useless for us to incarnate.
afterlife 713799, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.The Otherworld is a very complex reality, much more complex than our physical minds can ever hope to grasp. When we contact spiritual beings they may give us hints but they are always very careful to keep them within the boundaries of our beliefs and cultural limits. They can nudge us towards the right doors, but they will never open them for us. It’s our task to open them and go beyond, no-one else can do it for us. This is why the messages humans have received through the centuries seem to progress at our own pace, even if slightly ahead of us.

Life between life investigations lack perhaps the charm and local colour (and strong emotions) that past life recollections normally have, but they are far more important and meaningful, especially for those on a spiritual path. Through these investigations we can really gain a deeper understanding of our purpose on this earth, and the experience can be so overwhelming that it might really bring permanent changes for the better to our everyday life and speed up our evolution.

man reflection, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.People who fear death will also find this type of investigation most fulfilling and find themselves able to radically change their attitude towards physical death. Interlife explorations will throw a completely new light on it, showing it to be a simple ritual of passage.

You might not be able to reach the interlife at the first attempt but it is certainly a goal worth aiming for.

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