Magical Places Of Britain

A Review by Adrian Rooke of ‘Magical Places of Britain: A Guide to Britain’s Natural Sacred Sites’ by Rob Wildwood  ~ 
Enchanted  Forests, Haunted Waters, Magic Caves, Sacred  Springs, Holy  Wells, Mystic Mountains, Fairy Hills and places of Magic and Miracles in the landscape of Scotland, Wales, England and Cornwall…Discover Britain’s Magical Places using this handy guidebook packed with stunning full colour photographs, extracts of folklore and directions and map references to all the sites listed.
This is a most interesting and magical book encompassing a pictorial, geographical and historical exploration of the most famous (some not so famous) sacred places of the British Isles, including stone circles, enchanted forests, sacred springs, magical caves and more… The photography is a joy if perhaps slightly busy at times and the  localised  mythology  that  accompanies the stunning pictures offers a tantalising insight into the worlds of fairies, hobgoblins and nature spirits that were an every day part of our ancestors’ daily lives. I would recommend this book to any one who has a love of the hidden places and the creatures  who  dwell  therein. It’s  lovely and a must have book for the collection.
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