My Sacred Set Of Twenty Four Trees

by Cláudia Loureiro ~ 
My name is Cláudia Loureiro, I’m 42 years old, I was born in Angola but I live in Portugal since I was two years old.
I lived in Lisbon until I started working as a first grade teacher. (Also) because of that I moved to a wonderful place called Setúbal that is located in the south of the country (about one hour away from Lisbon by car). It’s one of the 18 capitals of districts, Setúbal is known for its kilometers of beaches… When the good weather arrives, almost everyone in Lisbon tries to cross the river to get some good tan at one of this beaches. For pictures please Google «Portinho da Arrábida».
I have here the best of two worlds because we also have the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve that covers more than 23000 hectares (57000 acres).
I love the Arrábida Natural Park near my house, it’s one of the most beautiful in the country, a green mountain filled with mysteries and lovely charming beaches, hidden waterfalls and grottos.
In Azeitão (about 30 minutes away from Setúbal by car) there is the land of vineyards and wine cellars, manor houses, handicraft and gastronomy (cheeses, the tortas de azeitão delicious sweets, and others). Is a place to stop and endulge. You should be able to taste the Moscatel wine…
Well, I’ve always said that I could not live far from the sea… In fact, I felt called to be a sea witch a couple of months ago and I’m studying hard for that.
How Druidry Entered My Life
In August 30 of 2013 when I visited the Almendres Cromlech (located near Guadalupe, municipality of Évora – Portugal, which is by far the largest one in the Iberian Peninsula), it arouse me the seed that was kept for longer than I can imagine. That was when, unconsciously, I decided that I had to learn more about those stones, its meaning, why were they put in that place and in that position… I needed to know everything I could about them. I could feel the energy vibrating in each and every stone I touched. I even felt slightly dizzy and had a headache while my husband was driving home (it’s about two and a half hours away). I really believe this was due to the energy exchange that I had with that magical place. It overwhelmed my senses. I truly felt that was a free spirited place.
Being close to the stones, touching them (although there were signs saying we couldn’t), made me believe that my place is and was in the middle of them and not just seeing them only from afar) made me go back in time, to a time I was not even born, it felt like a strange reunion and yet a rewarding one. I felt a lot of energy in the air, almost could see the fires lit at nightfall, people dancing, laughs, colorful clothes, music. I remember having been overwhelmed with what I felt, but I didn’t judge myself, I knew little or nothing about Druidry. I just began to better understand these feelings and what they meant, way after starting the Bard Course. I now know that it all made perfect sense. Somehow I managed to absorb and interpret on the form of images what had been registered in those stones centuries ago.
Looking back to that day, I am sorry I could not have been there only with my family, there were other people there. Some were running, some were making noise and they were being much less respectful than I was when I touched those stones…I hope I would have had the opportunity to tune deeper. Maybe it was due to my effort to do this that I felt unwell.Reliving this experience by what I wrote down the day after it happened helped me to organize my thoughts and be sure of what I saw and felt. It is very difficult to express something so intense, so personal…
It comforts me to know that my path in Druidism is far from over. This is what I need and this is what I’ve been looking for, for so long… This Course and the Ovate one helped me to know better and work better with various energies, with my spirit guides and with the gods…To read further click on the PDF link here.


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