Nature and the Celtic Tree Calendar

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It is no wonder why authors have written about forests being enchanted, bewitching, and magical. Natural herbs are rich and plentiful resources that both precede and supersede all forms of modern day medicines. Flowers are naturally beautiful forms of life that invoke, inspire, and often heal us. Trees are equally lovely, yet strong and solid foundations, providing us with timeless, priceless riches of our world and the universe. That is why those that are knowledgeable in making use of these gifts from nature are understandably so referred to as natural healers.

Trees in particular are genuine, unique, powerful life forces with their own individual character. As human beings, mankind must honor all other living beings by respecting and gently learning from their energy. If we study them enough, we will inevitably be able to listen and learn from them. Nature is kind and giving, tender and loving. The only true way we can nurture and nourish ourselves is by honoring nature, which will empower us when honoring our own mind, body and spirit.

For those that follow Druidism and believe in Druid horoscopes, the following is a list of trees, along with a few general characteristics that are determined according to the day you were born:

• Apple Tree (Dec 22-Jan 1 / Jun 25-Jul 4)

Tree of love, intelligence, and harmonization.Someone with this tree sign is quite sensitive and even sentimental. Love and knowledge rule their very being and when they are able to embrace both, they feel sheer bliss and truly live life.
red apples, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.• Fir (Jan 2-11 / Jul 5-14)

Tree of independence, privacy, and contemplation.When given this tree sign, one is eager, practical, and dedicated to achieving their dreams, yet reasonable and logical when necessary. They give of themselves completely, after much thought.

• Elm (Jan 12-24 / Jul 15-25)

Tree of beauty, god speed, and organization.A tree sign such as this one, loves all that is bold, beautiful, and harmonious. They also tend to be open, direct, and quite outspoken with their emotions and opinions. They live with passion.

• Cypress (Jan 25-Feb 3 / Jul 26-Aug 4)

Tree of serenity, new life, and adaptation.Someone with this tree sign prefers to avoid drama, opting for a peaceful, dreamlike state of being as opposed to any form of disagreement or opposition. Life for them is peaceful and magical.

• Poplar (Feb 4-8 / Aug 5-13)

Tree of growth, strength, and visualization.When given this tree sign, one starts off blissful and carefree, only to encounter a few difficult challenges that often become hot dilemmas. But with a good outlook, they naturally persevere.

• Hackberry (Feb 9-18 / Aug 14-23)

Tree of nobility, pride, and dedication.A tree sign such as this one will not settle for less than what they obtain to achieve in their lifetime. Their strict dedication and vision is what inevitably makes them feel proud and great.

• Pine (Feb 19-29 / Aug 24-Sep 2)

Tree of health, perseverance, and moderation.Someone with this tree sign is steady and poised, while moving forward towards progress and success. They often develop a good sense of what is needed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
pine forest, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.• Willow (Mar 1-10 / Sep 3-12)

Tree of fairness, non-judgment, and toleration.When given this tree sign, one is not so quick to judge a book by its cover. Instead, they tend to allow the story to unfold naturally so they may clearly learn the meaning of what is written.

• Lime (Mar 11-20 / Sep 13-22)

Tree of charm, ease, and infatuation.A tree sign such as this one might have a tendency to charm or be charmed. They go along with situations peacefully and try to make the most of what can often be somewhat difficult for others.

• Hazel (Mar 22-31 / Sep 24-Oct 3)

Tree of originality, intellect, and adaptation.Someone with this tree sign firmly believes in individual growth, knowledge, and permeation. They strive to develop their own sense of style and wit, making them solid pioneers in their field.

• Rowan (Apr 1-10 / Oct 4-13)

Tree of ambition, honesty, and communication.When given this tree sign, one always believes in being true of character and opinion. They never sacrifice their integrity for hidden motives and always obtain goals by way of pure ingenuity.
rowan 2703385 1920, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.• Maple (Apr 11-20 / Oct 14-23)

Tree of personality, energy, and imagination.A tree sign such as this one beholds sheer charisma to go further than most, especially when such journeys encompass creative thought. They never cease to amaze and go beyond. They never stop.

• Walnut (Apr 21-30 / Oct 24-Nov 2)

Tree of fortune, vigor, and determination.Someone with this tree sign is destined for success and ultimate riches, whether they are in the form of material or supernatural. Their energy is based upon their will and their will is done.

• Jasmine (May 1-14 / Nov 3-11)

Tree of poise, diplomacy, and socialization.When given this tree sign, one can almost always show an interest in politics or some form of public relations and communications or social interests. They enjoy getting their thoughts across.

• Chestnut (May 15-24 / Nov 12-21)

Tree of justice, ethics, and observation.A tree sign such as this one goes, but grows no further until they have left a trace of their thought pattern with them. They observe to a certain degree before making sound and fair judgment.

• Ash (May 25-Jun 3 / Nov 22-Dec 1)

Tree of insight, intuition, and aspiration.Someone with this tree sign is bright enough and willing to take a step further into deeper, darker, less traveled territory, to see a bigger picture, often resulting in a greater masterpiece.
ash, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.• Ironwood (Jun 4-13 / Dec 2-11)

Tree of discipline, order, and admiration.When given this tree sign, one can be referred to as having a steady and sturdy enough foundation for further growth and development, both in themselves as well as enabling the same in others.

• Fig (Jun 14-23 / Dec 12-20)

Tree of balance, expression, and diversification.A tree sign such as this one loves to explore yet always has a sense of their solid roots. They can discover much more than what their world offers while still maintaining their native spirit.

• Oak (Mar 21 Spring Equinox)

Tree of boldness, stability, and individualization.Someone with this tree sign will more than likely become bolder, brighter, and better than their peers. This can be successfully done as they never lose sight of their own sense of self-worth.

• Birch (Jun 24 – 3 days after the Summer Solstice which is Jun 21)

Tree of creativity, action, and illumination.When given this tree sign, one always creates the love, life, and laughter that they desire in their universe. They are not afraid to embrace their own power and they do so with pure progress.

• Olive (Sep 23 Autumn Equinox)

Tree of logic, reason, and rationalization.A tree sign such as this one prefers to know the truth as well as the mystery. In doing so, they make good sense out of what often makes absolutely none whatsoever, to discover greater wisdom.
olive tree, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.• Beech (Dec 21 Winter Solstice)

Tree of skill, resourcefulness, and preservation.Someone with this tree sign is highly gifted in matters of discovering and carefully preserving. They make use of what others often deem useless, to show a greater knowledge and understanding.

Even if you are not a certain tree sign, yet still love a certain tree, you may have those specific qualities. In going beyond your own tree sign, you may therefore thoroughly understand even more about yourself according to that particular tree.

Do you find yourself being drawn to a specific type of tree? What tree is it? And what do you feel when you are close to that tree or any other form of nature?

Love nature. Honor its rich elements. Cherish the spiritual realm and magical life of our enchanted forests.

autumn beech trees, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.


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