Peacemaker ~ The Task Of Addressing Injustice

In the contributions published in this Druids for Justice section, we hear the voices of OBOD members. The pieces reflect the reality lived by members directly affected by racism or other injustices, and how Druids have taken action to express their love of justice, in ways great or small. They tell their stories. They reflect the diversity of the Order.

You can send your own submissions by email to May all our conversations together be held in a spirit of peace and love.

snail spiral, Order of Bards, Ovates & Patrick and Annette Archambeau

Giving Words to Purpose

We speak for those without a voice
The whisper of the wind, murmur of water, secrets of Earth
The unwanted weed, full of medicine and nutrients
The language of the birds
Hidden tracks, stories written upon the land
Connection and secrets found only in the depths of silence
An orphan, alone and discarded
Creating fire in the head, awakening the sleeper
Seeking to be the light in the darkness

~ Annette Archambeau

The journey of Patrick and Annette Archambeau, currently in the Druid grade of OBOD, began officially, in 1993 with our Earth Studies through Tom Brown Jr. We are avid students of nature and the skills that allows a person to live within the temples of Creation. Dissolving the illusion of separateness and superiority mankind desperately clings to. This separation from life is the root of all injustice found in the facades of man’s society. In addition to key wilderness survival skills, Tom emphasizes living beyond self, having a life purpose. We embraced this concept and begin formulating a lifestyle and plan to live beyond self, being of service and with purpose.
fox wildlife animal macro closeup beautiful nature outdoors, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.A Fox In a Trap

In a robin’s eye is where I’ve seen
The mountain dew on a pasture green
The wild wood tree on a rocky slope
Leans over quiet home in the silence of lost hope

In a starling’s eye, I once got lost
Happy babies suckled vixen there
Now all is gone and at great cost
What if they were the last?
What if that was it?
All that’s left of a flame in the wild,
A glassy eye that it once lit

In a human’s eye
I’ve seen defiance
No fox lives here, never did, never will

In a robin’s eye is where I have seen
A female fox
Her leg snapped clean
A mindless monster of metal held her fast
No more beauty, how long could she last?
The pups now must go too, and follow her soul’s trail
Their fear is a memory like a far off wail

In a starling’s eye
I once got lost
The people say remember when?
My Grandpa once saw a fox track in the frost.
They’re all gone now though
What a shame, what a loss
Why couldn’t they see the value?
Why couldn’t they feel the pain?

In a human’s eye
I saw the loss
No fox lives here
They used to….but they are gone now
The last one caught in steel jaws.

~ Patrick Archambeau
In memory of: The fox we tried to track back to her den to save her babies in Lyons Colorado, 2002

Every year there are 100’s of thousands of backyard wildlife displaced and murdered due to mankind’s inability to co-habitat or creatively problem solve. A handful of angels work to save these poor souls, known as wildlife rehabilitators.

In 1995 we created a 501c3 nonprofit, then, Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation. We worked with backyard wildlife, primarily babies, raising them and releasing back into the wild. For 20 years we did this, 2000+ animals and a working knowledge of alternative healing techniques arose from this grand adventure. In addition to the wildlife care, we taught Earth skills and nature awareness classes to all groups of people, children, families, adults and the naturalists/experts in our area. This nature education has been a constant throughout our nonprofit work.
horse eye, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Horses

I softly sing to them, moving in and around
Caressing round rumps
Addressing strong shoulders
The quiet, meditative munching
Soothes my soul

I meditate with horse minds
Soft noses sensing the qualities of hay
Long legs firmly set to the earth
I am grounded
I am soothed

Their eyes are dreamy as their backs love the sun
Their eyes are dreamy as their feet love the earth
My eyes are dreamy as I share space and energy

Just touching
Just singing
Just being

~ Patrick Archambeau
In gentle memory of the horses we were privileged to help and know. True angels here on Earth.
daisies may212018, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.An Ending

The rattling moans and cries have begun
Soon, the deep last sleep will begin
Time lingers, in a deep, never awakening slumber
The worlds of man are at an end
No more separation
Leaving are the false Gods of materialism, superiority and ego
No more safety, security and comfort

A death shroud, a heavy dark mist falls upon this leaving reality of illusion
Darkness everywhere, humanity alone, falling into an abyss
Pain, fear and grief choking all

From this darkness comes light, very faint at first
Then a beacon of possibility and new horizons form
Burning away the dark mist, ropes of hope assist those willing to climb from hopeless abyss
New beginnings, a bright fresh world

Druid light, beacon of truth, Universal Justice, love, peace, truth and inclusiveness
The emerging path of higher consciousness, fire in the head
Stewards of the land
Co-creators in a brand-new age

~ Annette Archambeau

Prophecy of tomorrow

Presently, Archway Adventures is focusing on solutions an individual can create through creativity and choices. Emphasis is on self-sufficiency, a small footprint and re-connecting with nature. We have a small, acre property that is a model of these concepts, wildcrafting food and medicines, ritual area, sit spots, a place to learn and find peace and connection. Other services include, wildlife consultation, kitten fostering and a humane model for raising farm animals and a natural, positive connection with end of life experiences, a future pet cemetery. All are welcome who are seeking ideas on this path.

We have been blessed with a beautiful, dynamic, creative, abundant and free life. Always learning and sharing ideas. We are truly grateful for the profound teachings of OBOD. So many wonderful people and countless gifts! We are honored to be a part of this order. Thank you.
lavender bee, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

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