Solo Summer Solstice – Alban Hefin Ritual

close up photography of daisies, Order of Bards, Ovates & Maria Ede-Weaving

Ritual Statement: We come together to celebrate the Summer Solstice: the zenith of the sun and the rich fullness of the year. Life swells into the sensual abundance of summer; the earth’s blossoms, colours and perfumes are vivid and plentiful; our senses feed upon the delights of long, warm days and balmy, scent-filled nights. Under the warming touch of the sun we open to the beauty all around and within us. The Goddess’ desire has found it peak, and in her cry of pleasure the world is embraced by her joy and love. We too surrender ourselves to this moment.
litha goddess, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Calling the Goddess: We call upon the Goddess as Mother of Sweetness, Lady of life’s abundant blessings. Yours is the rich earth, the fertile ground of our being; yours is the explosion of life, colour and joy that enraptures our senses and feeds our bodies and souls. You are the heady scent of honeysuckle and rose, the cool peace of forests, a field of poppies and corn chamomile vibrant with the sun. You are the vitals rains, lush rivers and wetlands teeming with life; the deep wells and sparkling springs that feed our souls and quench our thirst. Yours is the moon and the ever-changing tides; the hem of your gown is the vast ocean, its salt water cleansing and healing our deepest wounds. You are the keeper of the abundant and over-flowing Chalice of life that renews and nourishes, and your cup is the place within us that can never run dry. Each plant and animal, each drop of water, each clod of earth is radiant with your spirit. Mother of Sweetness, Ecstasy of the Earth, open us to your joy and fulfilment; brighten each cell with the strength of your love. Please bless us with your presence.
hidden sunrise, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Calling the God: We call upon the God of Golden Blessings, father of the Solstice Sun. Yours is the growing heat that warms and comforts us; yours is the lush greenery that is irresistibly drawn to your glowing light; yours is the joy in our hearts, the bright gasp of knowing how good it is to be alive. Great Spark of Life, open us to the inspiration that enables us to live our time here in love and happiness. Fill us with your strength of spirit, the burning delight of your creative power. From the ecstasy of your union with all life pour many blessings, each one shining with your golden spirit. Please bless us with your presence.

The Abundant Flower Blessing:
That we may focus on the good things in our life.
You will need card of various colours. Prior to the ritual, cut a circular disc from the card, which will be the centre of your flower, and several petal shaped pieces of card in colours of your choice. Perform the following:

Pick up your round card and say,

This represents my flower’s centre and also the gift of my life. It is round and complete. Just as my life is complete, just as I am complete.
sunflower centre, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.Now write on the flower’s centre ‘The Blessings of the Gift of my Life’. Now take the petals and on each write something good about your life; a blessing for each petal. As you finish each petal, place it around the centre of the card until you have created an open flower.

When your flower is complete, fix it with glue to a piece of card, then hold it up to your heart and say,

This flower is the blossoming of my life; a joyful reminder of all the abundant blessings I possess.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you may read your blessings aloud. Then ponder on the centre of your flower and say,

The centre of my flower is the place that will produce an abundance of seeds, each one a future blessing not yet known, seen, or dreamed of. The Goddess is endlessly giving; my life is full of her riches. She supports me and supplies all of my needs. I make a pledge of daily gratitude for the all the good things in my life. I promise that despite all hurts and challenges that might face me, I will never lose sight of my blessings, and because of this, my difficulties will never overwhelm me. My abundant flower is a precious gift of the Divine and it blooms in my heart always, constantly producing yet more blessings. My flower of abundance will bloom in each season, both day and night. I celebrate the joy, love and wisdom I have gained.

Now hold your flower up to the sun (or in the direction of the sun) and ask for the blessings of the Solstice upon your life. Visualise the sun rising up through your body, its golden light filling you until its bursts out from the top of your head, showering your whole aura with its golden light. See your flower of blessings and abundance blossoming in your heart. Give thanks and offer a gift of your breath in return.

Giving Thanks: Mother of Sweetness, Lady of Ecstasy and Joy; God of Golden blessings, we thank you for your presence. Please continue to give life to our creativity; fill us with your laughter and pleasure. As summer unfolds, help us to retain our optimism and gratitude, and when life is challenging, may the glorious sight of the sun upon the earth and ocean, inspire and sustain us.
summer sunset, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.If you would like to perform the Alban Hefin – Abundant Flower Blessing, you might like our lovely Sunflower template, now available in the OBOD store!

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