21st Mount Haemus Lecture: The Well and the Chapel: Confluence

"RoMa Johnson, a Druid scholar, sets out to build bridges between Druidism and Christianity, describing these different approaches as hailing from the Well and the Chapel. Her radical exposition of communion between the two addresses the intimacy and the visceral nature and fierce and tender love that is ever present in all existences. How would it be if we as human beings were to treat the world and each other knowing this to be true?" Peter Owen Jones

by RoMa Johnson MA, MDiv

This paper was originally intended to explore in depth the synergy between the indigenous Celtic worldview and the evolution of early Celtic Christianity, between the created world of immanence and the hopefulness of imminence. Then the coronavirus entered the world, facing us with what seem to be apocalyptic questions: What does it mean? What do we do now? Here, the Well and the Chapel are used as lenses through which to view ourselves and the Other, in the Time Before and the Time Ahead. Confluence, not the choice between, or even the evolution of one to the next, will inform our efforts to co-create a transformed world. This paper is meant to be a spiritual thought problem, exploring five areas: Worldviews—Immanence and Imminence; Justice—Sin, Responsibility and Restoration; The Three—The Sacred Feminine and the Trinity; Immrama—The Soul’s Journey and Inspiration; and Confluence.

In Awen.

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This lecture will be published in printed form in 2024 in The Mount Haemus Lectures – Volume Three available through our bookshop.

RoMa Johnson, a Druid member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, an ordained non- sectarian Christian, and a poet, has been writing and teaching on various topics of Celtic Spirituality for over 20 years. She lives in Princeton, New Jersey. USA.

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