Wood Wisdom

Wood Wisdom, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

A Review by Jacki Woolmington of Wood Wisdom by H Catherine Watling
ISBN 1-86163-281-9 Capall Bann Publishing

This is a book and card set designed to be a companion to exploring the sacred forest – both in the inner and outer worlds. 22 trees are explored with stories, rituals, meditations, poems and illustrations – all created by the talented author. The 20 trees of the Ogham are included plus Mistletoe and Beech. The reader is taken on a mystical journey through the forest to meet and work with each tree in a different way. Each chapter begins with an introductory verse about the tree – inviting you to read on to find out legends and facts about that tree. Continuing on, you may find a story or a ritual to perform – or maybe a meditation, each different and relevant to that particular tree. Each is illustrated with a mandala type drawing showing the aspects of the tree concerned. The author has obviously
done some serious research on each tree – or knows her trees incredibly well!
The cards can be used as conventional Tarot cards or simply for meditation and guidance. As the author says in her Foreword, ‘more complicated layouts sometimes distract from the core purpose and have the effect of earthing rather than inspiring. As deep, if not deeper insights can be gained simply by sitting in quiet meditation on a question or problem and choosing a single card’.
A nice, deceptively simple set that contains far more than is obvious on first impressions. The book is easy to read and very informative – a great way to deepen your experience and journey with trees. Plenty to get your teeth into!


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