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Imagine you arrive in a forest clearing, a sacred grove, and are invited to sit around a fire with a group of friendly people of all ages from all over the world who have felt called to be here – to share stories, to listen deeply to each other, listening to the sounds of the fire and Nature all around them. You have arrived at The Druid Hearth.

Here you can sense the presence of the Ancestors, who love this Earth and who want to preserve and protect all of Nature. You can sense animals and birds – all the creatures and plants of the forest.

Members of the Order arrange gatherings like this all around the world through over 300 Seed-Groups and Groves.

We’ve also managed to create a gathering place like this online too – The Druid Hearth – where you can connect with other members, participate in circles that focus on specific topics, join in live-streamed events and workshops, and much more.

Once you join the Order you are given access to the Druid Hearth and our distance-learning training programme, available in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese. You can move between studying the films, exercises, meditations, poetry, story-telling and teachings of this course, and the social area of the Hearth – gathering around the fire, meeting others, learning about upcoming events, reading the latest issues of our magazines. You can dive into their archives, communicate with your personal mentor, and find your nearest group in the Groups Directory, or start one yourself with our help.

A group around a hearthfire.

Or you can drop into one of the circles that has called to you: there are groups that focus on Bardic, Ovate or Druid topics, and ones for Tarot, Astrology, Healing, Herbalism, Culinary, Apothecary, and Alchemical Arts, Divination, Neurodivergence, Books and Reading, Dreamwork, Professional Educators, Mental Health Professionals, LGBTQIA members, Visual Arts, Poetry and Writing – over 50 of them. And you can always start your own circle!

Who can access The Druid Hearth?

THE DRUID HEARTH is the official OBOD online community where you’ll be able to find everything in one place. Here you can access & download membership resources, administer your details, access your online course (if enrolled on the online version), view upcoming events, search the Seed Group & Groves directory, as well as connect with other members to share experiences, exchange ideas and kindle new friendships in one of the many circle forums. All members of the Order can access the Druid Hearth as part of their membership. When you join the Order and enrol for the Druid training, you will receive log in details for the Hearth.

The Druid Hearth.

What are the main community features?

The Druid Hearth contains a wealth of interactive features to help you with your training as well as keep you engaged in the OBOD community. Click on a feature below to jump to more information about it.

The Druid Hearth Communities.
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Activity, Members & Connections

  • Find and make connections with other OBOD members.
  • Share your thoughts, ideas and inspiration as posts for them to see and interact with on your feed.

The Druid Hearth Discusson.
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  • Post thoughts and inspiration to a feed within a circle.
  • Join discussion forums within a Circle that have topics with a specific focus.

The Druid Hearth Profile.
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Profile & Messaging

  • Customise your profile with images and information about yourself if you wish to share with others.
  • Send & receive personal direct messages between you and your connections.

Livestreams & Podcasts

We host live events in The Druid Hearth, including extended episodes of ‘Fireside Chats’, hosted by chief Druid, Eimear Burke, and ‘Tea With A Druid’, hosted by former chief, Philip Carr-Gomm. In addition, interviews, music and conversations are hosted live in The Hearth. And you can tune into our podcast ‘Druidcast’ directly from the Hearth, or watch episodes of ‘Tea with a Druid’ and ‘Fireside Chats’ too!

The Druid Hearth Livestreams.
The Druid Hearth Training.
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Courses, Mentor & Resources

  • Access your online Druid training.
  • Receive support & guidance with your studies with an allocated mentor.
  • Access to supporting course material.

The Druid Hearth Events.
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Events, Seed Groups & Groves

  • Find events organised by the Order or its members by date or location.
  • Use our interactive map and filter to find a Seed Group or Grove near you.

The Druid Hearth Touchstone Magazines.
The Druid Hearth Touchstone Magazines.

Members of the Order can enjoy the OBOD monthly magazine Touchstone, with articles, stories and poems from our members! They can also view a collection of past issues, as well as German and French magazines.