A public ritual of Pagans and friends from many paths to protect Albion from fracking is being held at Glastonbury at noon. Over 1500 people have said they will attend, and others are holding ceremonies in different parts of the country, and the world, at the same time. For details of the event go to:
Although the event is not being organised by OBOD, many members have said they will attend, and we have created a ritual that others might like to use if they cannot be there. This is given in the downloadable pdf below. It is not the same ritual as the one used on Glastonbury which has not been scripted and will be more spontaneous. Some of those helping to put on the Glastonbury event have written: “How you hold your ritual is entirely up to you. There will be no standardised script sent out, as it is important that each ritual reflects the land it is enacted in and the people who participate in it. There are, however, a few basics that we would really like you employ in your ritual design if you can.The First Element: The foundational aim of these rituals is to raise energy to be projected into a wider web of power over Albion to protect the country, her people and her sacred sites from fracking. This web of power will not only work as a form of magickal shield, but will also energetically nourish those who are actively campaigning against fracking here.The Second Element: Once the energy from your ritual has been raised and added to the web, the second element is to tap directly into the energy and re-direct some of it either to the wider world or, if you prefer, directly into your own land. Energy from the web can also be re directed towards finding better ways of obtaining fuel from renewables if you like. Whichever you choose, this second section will bring positive intent from the four corners of the globe.The Third Element: A magickal sigil has now been created for use in each of the rituals. The Warrior’s Sigil (shown above) has now been publicly released and further information about it is given below. Please use it in whichever way you like to focus the energy you raise directly into the web.And that’s it! It’s very simple and hopefully it leaves you with plenty of room to create your own moments of magic.
Here is some more information about the Warrior’s Sigil. The text has been taken directly off the Glastonbury events page and was written by the person who created the sigil:”This is the magickal sigil that will unite all our efforts on the 28th. Everyone involved across the world will focus their energies through this symbol to form a unified, magickal web of protection around Albion. On that day, as the power of thousands of people flow through it, the Warrior’s Sigil (as it is named) will become fully energised and active in both the apparent and unapparent worlds.Everyone should now prepare this sigil for the globe spanning work that will be undertaken on the 28th. Bless it with love and truth, honour and right-action, bravery and strength. Ingrain it into your subconscious. Becomes its friend and ally.It has been designed to protect against ‘fracking’ – both fracking’s physical destruction to the land, and the violence and intimidation the state will use to protect its interests.It is not a sigil of attack. It is defensive in nature. It is a shield, not a spear.Neither is it simply designed to be used on the 28th and then discarded. It can be used anywhere in the world to assist in protecting land, water and air from fracking, as well as all the peoples (both human and non-human) that call that land home. In particular, it can be worn as a protective talisman by those of you who physically stand against fracking’s fell greed. All those who wear it with good intent will be granted luck and protection as they fight against the bullying, violence and suffering that fracking companies, corrupt politicians, police and security firms unleash against them and their communities. Be of no doubt that, over here in Albion, Balcombe is only the start. State repression WILL increase. We must be ready. Our shield-wall must not crumble.So when you go on demonstrations, or visit protest camps, or undertake more direct forms of resistance against the scourge of fracking, wear the Warrior’s Sigil to bring you luck and protection. Place it on t-shirts, on wristbands, on necklaces and rings, put up posters of it around where you live (especially if you reside upon a protest camp), hang it over your alters, carry it in your wallets or your pockets, you can even have it inked (either permanently or non permanently) directly upon your skin!Do with it as you will, but what ever you do, always use it for the greater good.It was designed using the simple ‘write out a line of positive intent, remove all the consonants then make an aesthetically exciting sigil out of the remaining vowels’ method.The line of intent it was based on isn’t going to be made public, as the abstracted power and versatility of the sigil will be hampered by such knowledge. Publishing the actual words themselves would also be like making your magickal name known to everyone on Facebook – i.e. not a very good idea for a whole host of reasons.What can be made known, however, is that the line of intent was:a) Short and focused. b) Phrased defensively not offensively. c) Phrased in the present, rather than past or future, tense. d) Phrased to defend from fracking. e) Phrased positively rather than negatively. f) Originally hand drawn before being copied onto the computer via graphics tablet. g) Drawn with focused, loving intent. h) Published on this events page with focused, loving intent.Hope that gives more of an overview of its formation One of its powers is that you see what you are meant to see within it, thus it appears to each person as a unique sigil to them alone. This magnifies its magickal potency many times over.To me, one of its meanings is drawn from the fact it is formed from nine lines, two circles and one spiral – i.e. the three Celtic elements of land (lines), sea (spiral) and sky (circles). I am Druid, so that means it speaks to me with a Celtic tongue.I am also a practising Northern Tradition Pagan, so the nine lines speak to me of the nine worlds and the two circles represent the eyes of Odin’s two ravens (it also looks like a ravens head) Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) as they fly out through the nine worlds. I can see a tiwaz rune in there, along with a wunjo rune and a number of gebo runes.Those personal interpretations are just skimming the surface of what the sigil shows to me. When the sigil was being formed, however, none of this was in my mind. These observations have been drawn from it post completion.Follow your intuition when meditating or engaging with the Warrior’s Sigil. Its universal uniqueness to each individual is one of its major power sources. The Warrior’s Sigil speaks to each and all as it sees fit. It is very, very much alive and eager to begin its work.”


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