23rd Mount Haemus Lecture ~ World Druidry: Seasonal Festivals in a Globalizing Tradition


Druidry, as a contemporary, nature-based, new religious movement, has been growing and 2 spreading rapidly since the early 1990s. Druids now reside in 34 countries, across six continents, and inhabit 17 unique biomes, in addition to the mistletoe and oak filled temperate forests depicted in history and fantasy. As a nature-reverent tradition with high holidays based upon a cycle of seasonal celebrations, this begs the question: How can Druidry maintain a spiritual common core across so many, diverse ecological contexts? This paper explores the pertinent data from the World Druidry Survey of 2018-2020 — the first, large-scale global effort to collect, interpret, and learn from the stories of practicing Druids all over the world — to assess the ways in which Druid seasonal celebrations diversify, and to identify the universal themes in Druid festivals and celebrations, which serve to identify the Druids of the world as part of a coherent religious tradition.

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Spiral triskelion (formed from mathematical Archimedean spirals), occasionally used as a Christian Trinitarian symbol

About The Author

Larisa A. White, M.S.Ed., Ph.D. is an author, educator, and independent scholar with 30 years’ combined experience in mixed-methods sociological research, curriculum design, educational program evaluation, and teaching. She is the founder of Quercus Academy, where she currently teaches. Her research activities focus on the neurobiology of learning, the ways in which people learn, grow, and change under the influence of changing educational contexts and cultures, and the sociology of contemporary, nature-based religions. In her free time, she works on ecological restoration projects in the Coast Range Mountains of California.


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