Seed Groups in the Rest of the World

The three foundations of friendship:
Respect and trust;
Understanding and forbearance;
A loving heart and helpful hands.
Irish Triad

Not all OBOD Seed Groups wish to be listed on a public site, but those that do can be found here, with links to their websites and email contacts.For more groups see the Groves in the Rest of the World page.


Brisa Del Sur Seed Group,  Rosario area,  c/o Maria Moretto   email   facebook


Silvereyes Seed Group,  c/o Tina   email

Golden Wattle Seed Group,  c/o Kacey Stephenson,  Adelaide   email

Song of the Eastern Sea Seed Group, Gorokan NSW  c/o Chris Parker   email

South Coast Druids Seed Group , c/o Lorrae Philip, South Coast (Wollongong area), NSW email  facebook

The Adelaide Seed Group,  c/o Sarah Marshall   email

The Blue Mountains Seed Group C/o Julie Brett, Katoomba, NSW  email  facebook

Treesong Forest Seed Group, c/o Jan Walker, Pelverata, Tasmania  email  facebook

Wollemi Seed Group,  Hunter Valley, NSW  c/o Rollick   email


Araras Seed Group,  araras, Rio De Janeiro State c/o  Marcello Sodré Moreira   email   facebook


The Miraculous Healing Seed Group, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.  c/o Siu Wing CHAN  website  email 


FODA OBOD Study Group, Just South of Auckland   c/o Yvette Reece  email

Middle Earth Fellowship, central North Island  c/o Yvonne James   email


The Cradle Seed Group, North Riding, Johannesburg  c/o Debby Webster   email